View Full Version : The Unlucky Friar, 8/7/5 fav soul for past life

07-16-2017, 07:31 AM
The unlucky friar
8/7/5 fvs warlock pally
LG human of olladra

St 15
Dex 12
Con 15
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 15 +5
+6 tomes

Skills Umd, jump, intim

1 war max
Human empower
2 pal
3 pal thf
4 fvs (DM)
5-6 war pa
7 pal
8-9 war extend
10-11 war
12 pal ic slash
13 pal
14-15 fvs empower heal
16-18 fvs cleave (olladra)
19-20 fvs

33 es
22 warpriest
15 sacd
6 kotc
3 human
1 free

Not Epic

This is my last build for completionist.
The unlucky friar. Named because he's a warlock soul.
So gimped out he can't help himself.
Basically my anti paladin build with fvs added in.
Running around with an SOS.
Because fvs suck so bad, I had to mc massively.
A thf pally lock with the luck of olladra, or the unluck.
He should have a lot of hp.

08-04-2017, 12:43 AM
Level 8
4/3/1 war pal fvs
Str 25(32)
Dex 20
Con 27
Int 20
Wis 22
Cha 24
Hp 254
Sp 558
AC 49
Fort 31
Reflex 27
Will 32
Doublestrike 15
Melee wp 7
Fort 109
Prr 69
Mrr 44

Umd 26
Retreat, ff, jump, mist
Clw, nightshield

Helm rng sheltering7, resist2, falselife10
Neck slavers 5con1, resist4
Goggles seeker4, deadly3
Trinket slavers symbol falselife15
Body dark leaf banded
Cloak rng int4, dodge3
Bracers slavers 5str1, deadly4, heavy fort
Belt rng doublestrike5, natarmor2
Ring1 rng cha3, impulse53
Ring2 slavers 5wis1, devotion70, heal10
Boots corsairs
Gloves rng dex4
Using rng vorpal draining great axe
1.5 1d12 20 x3 +13 to hit +28 dam

13 sacredd
4 warpriest
11 es
1 ts
1 human

This build is humming along
I thought of putting more fvs early, but no level 2 spells til 4
So I'll go 7/5/1 at 13
Got 50% on raise dead and teleport.
But SOS at 10 will be cruze til 20.
This build ends up with lots of hp and high str.
With DM, 32 so far, and I dont have max cha

08-04-2017, 09:45 AM
How bad did the warlock nerfs hurt your DPS?

08-05-2017, 10:48 AM
This build uses thf for dps
The bursts are marginal
More like I don't remember even to use them
But this is off the 15/5 antipaladin build
That I took into epic
The bursts were nice, but not where the dps is
You're too busy thf to burst

11 now, using SOS
Just got dispacement
May have to wait 13 for shining through
That's where the fighting style is
Just using temp hp to keep you floating
Then burst burst melee
I've played a lot of arcane warrior locks
This is excellent split for heroic
Very powerful
Had 950 hp reaper at 13
This should be 900

But the dps comes off the sword
Why I went pa early
And extend to double your buffs
Have plenty of sp, just need more heals
But I can scroll heal now at 50%+
Umd is king in heroic

As for warlock nerf
When you splash 5 or 7 you don't get much
That's just 2d now
And the bursts use to make up for it, but they got nerfed
So what was before a decent aoe damage for splash
Is now marginal
Like I said
Es really took a hit.

08-06-2017, 09:51 PM
Level 13
Str 27/39
Dex 22
Con 30
Int 17
Wis 23
Cha 35
Hp 502/763 (972)
Sp 831
AC 66
Fort 41
Reflex 36
Will 41
Prr 86
Mrr 77
Fort 114
Doublestrike 9
Melee speed 4
Melee wp 8

32 es
14 sacred d
4 warpriest

Umd 38

This base build is a terror
972 hp in reaper
Does good up til 3,
Then the melee nerf kicks in
Not listing gear
Same old stuff I use generally every life.
Crafted a cc charisma ring. 7/3
So maxed out str and cha makes for 40 str easy.
Now I build in 7 levels of fvs
Will just get some more heals, so versatile in reaper
Will prob take empower heal at 15

Ya I ran some r6 in gh.
I'm sorry to see the level of cheese required to play at this stage.
Charms and instakills
Because melee without cc is worthless
It's a tragedy
That the hardest part of this game,
High reaper
Is just cheesed out
So I'm going to stick to r1 or r2
Because r6 just wasn't any fun
Way too slow
Too many deaths, a wipe
And I was being a monster
But I couldn't kill anything
So ya, melee sucks in reaper

But on the flip side,
Ican scroll heal and raise dead
Real easy