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07-08-2017, 07:01 PM
This comes from realizing a lot of players may think a particular class is overpowered from the player kill total on the scorecard. It seems the kills come from whoever dealt the final blow. I suggest the credit go to whoever did the most damage. If this is already the way it is...maybe check into it because it seems to currently be based on the final strike.

This came about from learning of the likely warlock nerf coming up and discussion with my guild mates. I have no doubt many have looked at that tally and said, hypothetically, x character is overpowered just because they have Area of Effect attacks that tick the final blow regardless the barbarians were the ones who were actually mostly responsible for rage wiping the non-player characters. My warlock does not feel overpowered in anyway and paying attention to the team work suggests it takes a cohesive team to succeed at difficult quests. There is no way my guy can go in Legendary Elite with a full party and they pike while he runs the quest. Neither has he the past lives, gear, min-maxing to solo that content. For those who can grind that stuff - more power to them and after that effort they deserve to feel uber with the balance of content not being challenging enough for them - it means they win.

A melee can certainly feel cheated if anything ranged takes away their kill that they were working on; it feels like they are not contributing and getting beat up for it. Those feelings can build and then the "overpowered" accusations fly. Lets try the most-damage-kill-credit on Lamannia and see if the servers can take the overhead ;)

07-09-2017, 06:45 AM
there are soooo many things that could/should be added to the xp report--the least interesting is kill count

07-09-2017, 08:20 AM
There's no need to remove one stat and replace it with another. It's better to just add this new one so we can see both.

If the XP screen crowds up too much, just make a drop down list that can be expanded to show more info (closed initially).

So just add this type of counter, and maybe even total damage dealt counter for each player.

07-09-2017, 08:44 AM
In my opinion the How many kills per character stat is the worst thing that was ever added to the XP report. It has actually been a poor representation of anything meaningful since I've been playing (summer 2006)

In my time playing I have found most often when people start throwing out the phrase "Over powered" what they are really meaning is "Not fun to play with"

07-09-2017, 01:21 PM
i wouls not touch the kill count, instead i would add damage dealt and hp healed, giving to raise and instakills no value further than the kill count (or utility if being raised)

both values are registered and checked as part of the aggro list, just let us know them

07-12-2017, 04:14 PM
kill count is based on last hit and last hit only, been that way for a while. the fact that there is apparently doubt in your assertion of this fact suggests to me perhaps you should understand the "problem" better before thinking you can fix it, or that such action is warranted.

the issue with the kill count is that to use it to gather any useful information at all, you must be all of: informed, experienced, objective, and aware of the proper context. almost everyone who plays this game is lacking in one or more of those and cant use the kill count to make any remotely accurate or useful judgments about anything. the best advice for you is that unless you can learn how to accurately predict how a kill count will be at the end of most quests before you start/finish them, then you have no place to be judging anything related to a kill count and as such should dismiss your own views on kill counts as uninformed/inexperienced/unobjective/lacking appropriate context, and 99.9% of all mentions of kill count that you read or hear on the forums or in game should eb dismissed for the same reasons.

i think simply having multiple types of damage meters added would simply be a better option, especially if the kill count remained to show discrepancies between damage and kills to account for variables that you cant control when trying to infer information from kill counts. also, as should be obvious and probably stated by everyone and their mother, kill counts arent very accurate. you can gain some useful information, but not meaningfully accurate. its also not the end all be all of a side by side comparison of different classes power.

the kill count is just a tool. just because its there doesnt mean people know how to use it.

edit: also, wow. if people feel cheated because they didnt get a kill, then it means they are playing to win the kill count. without making a judgment on how stupid it is to play to win the kill count (oh, that was a judgment wasnt it...well i will make it all better by admitting that in certain cases i play to win the kill count myself, but thats 5% of the time or less), the only thing that needs fixing is the losers build or gear or playstyle or knowledge or effort. none of those things are on the devs side.

07-12-2017, 04:16 PM
there are soooo many things that could/should be added to the xp report--the least interesting is kill count

to you.

i dont necessarily agree or disagree, but this seems to be no more than a pointless emotional response.