View Full Version : Please fix reaper overlevel penalty!

07-07-2017, 04:42 AM
As we all know, currently its working wrong:

We are aware that the Reaper XP penalty is based off of the non-adjusted Base level of the quest or raid. There has been confusion over the issue, but we're all on the same page now (at least I think so). We are taking a look at people's feedback, but it's too early to say whether any adjustments will be made in the future. We are also looking at some discrepancies being reported involving Reaper XP in Epic level quests, and will be most likely working on a patch to correct this as soon as we can get it out.

It makes grouping harder:

Has this been discussed/reevaluated at all since this posting? This seems like an incredibly awful barrier that makes grouping level ranges much more narrow and I personally would like to add my voice to those that have expressed making reaper exp based of the adjusted base level of the quest so it is in line with Bravery Bonuses. It makes zero sense to me that these systems are not congruent with each other segmenting those who want to run at "base level" for max reaper exp and those who are at "quest level +2".

07-07-2017, 06:07 AM
It has been around 5 months of time for Reaper. I for some reason was thinking they would be looking at it around 6 months. Maybe look into it after Ravenloft.

Personally I've been enjoying running quests at their base level. As for the range, I still keep it open, the difference is instead of +/- 2 of base level its -4 of base level. Of course I'm running reaper for the challenge - Not using ML weapons available to Base Quest Level +2 and -8 AP and possibly one less feat.

07-09-2017, 01:27 PM
sorry,can't fix something that isn't broken... at most we could ask for a change, not a fix

and yes, dropping the bravery streak lvl to be the same as base quest lvl is a great idea, so reaper and elite would share the non penalty max level, count me in

07-12-2017, 12:50 PM
The best thing to ever happen to grouping was the removal of the power level pen on epics

i understand the issue with with no power level pen in heroics ....

i still think that the power level pen needs to scale for base xp as followes

2 levels difference is fine for korthos quests

it even is ok for it to stay 2 levels all the way up to level 9

starting at level 10 it should expand by one level to 3 over

at `15-19 you should be able to group in any non epic quest with out penalty, but any one with an active epic destiany is will cause pen as it works now in that group

Reaper pens by the same marks basiccally but based off the quest level ran at and scalling on a curve with less pen for 1 or 2 level over and getting way more sever for the more levels over.... so it might be conceavable to run a reaper ten skull, von 5/6 with level 10- 14 toons and still get decent xp .... as it is every life so far since reaper we have had hard times filling raids with just ONE LEVEL SPREAD ADVERTISED CUZ PEOPLE DONT WANT TO WAST THERE TIME AND RESORECES FOR NO LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!

reaper has been the worst thing to grouping in my entire time playing this game,

make it so i not only need to group, make it so i WANT TO group

edit also it is rediculouse that lvl 18 and 19 quests cant be run by lvl 20 or 21 toons

ive moved past DA being reaper 18 with pens for toons over level 6, ( we 3 maned r1 at level 12 4 man if you count the piker)

07-07-2018, 07:05 AM
its working as intended, but i agree u should make reaper xp same level with elite , it makes finding groups way more better

07-07-2018, 07:15 AM
it's working pretty similarly to the way I suggested changing BB a couple years ago on the PC. base level you get full xp, +1 a reduction and +2 a bigger reduction. -1 a little more bonus and -2 a bigger bonus. to bad it was used for Reaper instead.

oooh a bit of a necro. I was tricked!