View Full Version : Eberron Weapon/Armor Vendors

06-29-2017, 12:22 PM
Faerun has centralized vendors. Eberron has centralized vendors for jewelry and clothing, but after the basic levels you are left with running to kundarak for the higher plat level armors and deneith for weapons. Depending on sever, those higher plat level vendors can be pretty bare, if not empty. Especially with the onset of the crafting pass.

Not to mention that there are a couple weapon/armor vendors in the inspired quarters that i never see items in. And there is the one vendor in ataraxia haven that is about the same.

I guess what I'd be interested in seeing is the higher level vendors added to the marketplace, which gets the most foot traffic, and possibly connecting all of those so they share an item list (relative to their plat level). So say you could go to the Quality Weapons vendor in the marketplace, or deneith, and sell to/buy from the same list.

06-29-2017, 05:33 PM
That's a great suggestion!

I would also add one more thing to this: fix the platinum range for all vendors to better match loot level range.

It makes no sense to have separate vendor that only buys Korthos Island (lowest, cheapest) items, separate one for Harbor level 2 named items (because only they fit that second lowest vendor platinum range), one for level 3, 4 items, and only one for all other items including epic ones.

Change these ranges to cover all levels equally. First vendor should have upper limit like third vendor, and last vendor's burden should be distributed between him and the other two vendors.

Maybe you should also add a new vendor for epic loot, and keep existing ones for heroic only.

Now that I'm mentioning heroic and epic levels, maybe it would be better if items are distributed to vendors by level rather than price? It would be simpler to distribute items that way.

06-29-2017, 07:35 PM
Agreed. The traffic in Deneith and Kundarak is so light nowadays that the vendors there are empty 99% of the time. (Kundarak especially once the optional in VoN4 was nerfed.)

May as well just move them all to the Marketplace. It's usually busy enough 24/7 that the vendors won't reset between server restarts.