View Full Version : Melee defense abilities beyond Heroic

06-29-2017, 09:27 AM
Thanks to Lynnabel and whomever else worked on some recent fixes to the Vanguard tree and S&B tactics DC's.

*Disclaimer, Reaper does not belong in this discussion, as it is new, and undergoing constant reviews by SSG. Crafting, completionists etc are not an answer, not everybody has time for that stuff, and not everybody wants to grind out for the same.* I know what I want to learn about, I just don't know how to ask the questions, and suggest in-depth ideas.

At heroic levels, S&B's in-fact most "in your face" melee builds do quite well. As we segue into epic and legendary content there is a fall-off of sustainable defensive abilities.

I'm hoping this thread can start a debate (not criticism) of what players are doing, and what they see as "roadblocks" to viable defenses at higher levels.

Leave out self-heal, and any other trick-pony abilities and crafting gear, that are not a defensive ability.

From a blue collar viewpoint, my 1st impression was, basic true melee builds don't have enough defensive abilities (or any at all) in any enhancement tree that gets augmented (naturally) in epic or legendary content.

Don't throw destinies in as the *answer to everything* they are not. , after that statement. Why? Because this is about what is NOT being carried over, and if it is, how they aren't giving any additional benefit to abilities NOT covered in ED's.

ED's can and should augment any heroic natural ability within that specific realm (sphere), and here's where this discussion should begin.

Can the innate abilities for Epic Levels be at the root of the drop-off of defensive stats/abilities? IMO they don't scale enough after lvl 26.

I personally have had to revisit my builds and make changes that people here have pointed out are shortcomings with how recent changes affect enhancements & feats.

2 other players in-game & I have had some great conversations about this, with an agreeable conclusion about some root deficiencies. They, like me, don't want to sit in the back and watch a pew-pew fight. We want to have fun and be challenged and yes get killed when we don't retreat.

I suggest a way to boost the defenses that scale past lvl 26. This shouldn't be so awesome that the power creep comes into play calling for a nerf 2 months after a change. Im suggesting adding stats & abilities that will help the non-crafting non-completionist have more staying power that won't be any better than what these grinding abilities give.

Stats that help the blue-collar player, boost the players working towards completionist, and fall short of those (completionist & uber crafting) #s keeping the integrity of what that grind pays off.

My days of crunching #'s here are over. I am focusing on other things in this game. You feedback is welcome, your criticism is not. :rolleyes::cool: