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06-18-2017, 12:26 AM

This week Voodu & Asheras join us to talk about tactics in Reaper Mode!

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06-19-2017, 05:19 AM
Assorted thoughts for you:

Knowing your enemy is important - don't just rely on the same spell/ability for all enemies, target their weaker saves.. for example petrifying runestones have fort saves, so use them on casters, beholders etc. for example and though the highest level one is ml17, it can still work pretty reliably on certain enemy types in low to mid epics.

I like to ensure I have no-save effects - sap is a nice one, greensteel radiance weapons for blindness (trueseeing sees thru blur/displacement, but doesn't help if their eyes don't work), my old favourite combo of crippling & tendon slice, the warlock past life feat is a no-save confusion that doesn't break stealth so can be a lot of fun if you have someone to scout a little way ahead & reapers aren't immune to it, plus in epic there's nerve venom.

Look for spells that, as mentioned above, don't have saves, either cast from SP or from scrolls with lower duration, you can purchase some & others can be found in loot, don't just reflexively sell them! Spell resistance may still be an issue, see above re knowing your opponents :)
- Control/halt undead is no-save on non-thinking undead, so applies to a lot of skellies & zombies.
- Fog spells give you concealment that can't be bypassed by trueseeing since fog isn't an illusion effect - solid fog will also slow enemies, acid fog will do a little damage, enough to block regeneration on certain enemies & sleet storm will outright blind enemies as well as slow them, scrolls of sleet storm are good for rogue acrobats particularly since they get the slipery surface immunity & if you're in fatesinger, masked ball gives that too & can be really nice.
- Power word spells have no saves.
- Waves of exhaustion will slow things with no save, fatigue spells will have a lesser effect even if the main effect save is made.
- Enervation/energy drain, symbol of death & wail of the banshee will neg things with no save (and if you're lucky, wail might just kill them!)
- irresisible dance is right in it's name...

For metamagics, remember you can have multiple instances of the same spell on hotbars with different metamagic configurations - I usually have quickened & empowered healing for in-combat use and then use non-boosted versions for between fights, since you can cast maybe 3 or 4 unboosted CMW/CSW etc for the price of a single boosted one.

Fair point about the lost souls, but if one of my non-casty characters is low on sp, I might pick it up anyway, since there's a good chance those few SPs I have will be powering cocoon that I'm using on the healer, saving them from spending ridiculous amounts of SP healing themselves with the reduction :)

Older quests can be a good place to try out reaper difficulty - those quests were calibrated to the game state at the time & player potential power level was a lot lower, so they can be somewhat easier, and particularly at the low levels just running r1 isn't too bad (healing reduction & ghost touch are the main concerns IMO, it's not hard to get relatively large damage-dealing capability at low levels with cannith crafting). Also, if you're on an xp grind at heroic and not worried about reaper xp, just try running it on 1 skull while 2 levels over for the regular bravery bonus and the 120% 1st time completion vs. 80% for elite :)

Despite never having made any legendary greensteel yet, I'd have to say ooze, just because the heroic one is a lot of fun, particularly on repeaters to UNLEASH THE SQUELCHY HORDE & can only imagine epic oozes are even more fun.

06-20-2017, 09:07 AM
Thanks for the tips!

I've been using Ghostbane allot in lowbie Reaper with great success:


I've been using these items on other toons:


I agree with the fortification. I use any I can find. For early levels I go with the belt or armor that has 25% on it starting at level 1/2