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05-06-2017, 10:42 PM
I know that at some point in the past, there was an option to change the titles of guild members, but it was exploited/abused and was as such discontinued. What I would like to suggest is a drop down option in the guild management window that allows the guild leader to choose a "Guild Management Style".

Generally there is an unlimited number of "Styles" that could be added if and when a Dev decided to do so, but the most important part, would be the naming sense and proper/improper naming would be completely controlled by the company and not the players. As example ...

The current Style would be "Guild Management Style: Default"

Guild Leader
Asst. Guild Leader*

( *here I would recommend adding Asst. Guild Leader as a 2nd option, this would also denote the person assigned as the default if the Leader goes MIA)
(**here I would recommend adding Recruit as a 5th option)

This first "Style" would be the default, when a guild is created it will be set to this. The Guild Leader has 1 chance to change the Style for free. It would cost Astral Shards for later changes, with an increase in the amount of AS with the more changes.

As a second "Style" I would suggest "Guild Management Style: Pirate"

First Mate

As a third "Style" I would suggest "Guild Management Style: Corporate"

Vice President
Board Member
Office Boy

Many other Styles could be made fairly easy and could even be made into a post for players to suggest their own Styles.

Even with the current coding, It should not be too difficult to add a Drop-down on the current management board for this option.

I know this isn't nor ever will be any kind of priority, but it would be a fun and interesting option for the players to have in game, a quality of life option as it were.

05-07-2017, 04:26 AM
nice idea I like it. But it isn't anywhere near my priority list.