View Full Version : Provide simple client-side modding tools/API - Let us do your work for you!

05-01-2017, 07:33 AM
There are still many inspired people playing this game and some surely are talented in programming. Many suggestions here are related to UI and with simple modding someone would be able to provide that improvement for them.

I'm not an expert in this field by any means but for DDO I would be willing to explore and learn. I'm only asking for something that would enable e.g. customizing chat filters, saving/loading ui layouts with their abilities & items (for swapping epic destinies!), better custom inventory sorting, maybe small macro for taking out the entire TR cache ;) and I was a bag fan of minimalist Blackbird UI skin before the UI changes.

So if you already have some library or guidelines that you can relatively easily limit for public use that would be absolute grand! Then when people endorse a good mod enough you could just check it through quickly and adopt it to the base game. Of course if the game is built in a way enabling modding securely is not possible this is not really an option but it's still worth spending few hours to research the possibility! Also a hosting/sharing platform would be cool

Also on a side note we could also develop cosmetics (to sell!) for the game if there was a good and clear submitting guideline or even specialized tools.