View Full Version : Standing Stone Games : Increase DDO and LOTRO Player Base+Revenue via ssgP bridges

04-15-2017, 11:59 AM
Hi Severlin, Cordovan, SSG staff, or fellow DDO players,

Now that DDO and LOTRO have found some freedom, has anyone considered creating an interface that allows players to convert DDO Points into LOTRO Points and vice versa ?

If this system were in place it would allow both games to boost their existing player bases + income by giving a good reason for longtime players of either game to go and try the other.

I recently tried LOTRO and seems interesting, but having already invested time and money into DDO, I'm not willing to invest hundreds of $$$ into a game I'm not sure if I'll stick around/like near end game. Now if you had a system that allowed to transfer my DDO Points into LOTRO Points, it's probably something that I'd try out while waiting for new DDO content to be released.

I'm sure there are a lot of LOTRO players who'd also be inclined to go try out DDO. Fresh players exchanges on both sides by creating Point bridges seems like a WIN-WIN idea. This allows fresh players, more PUGs, more game content for players, more profit for SSG and a brighter future for both games.

You could eventually charge a 10% commision on transfers + apply appropriate exchange rate if neccessary, which would give something like this :

X DDO Points * 10% commission * (exchange rate if applicable) = Y LOTRO Point

where Exchange rate = ($ per LOTRO Point / $ per DDO Point) if the point payoff per $ is different between the two games.

and vise versa for LOTRO points to DDO points.

What do you all think of this ? Has this already been considered ? If so, what were the reasons not to do it ? If not, do you think it's something we could get in the near or not so far future ?