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04-14-2017, 06:11 AM
Now i've been trying to collect Tapestries and Tomes in Necro 4 but due to soloing most of the time and necro 4 quests have anti solo mechanics "thanks alot Devs" i've been running the rare encounters in Orchard.
Now my questions are:

1- Does the Tomes and Tapestries follow the ransack rules?

2- in regards to level in general say i want to farm an item from 3BC Heroic on my level 17 toon does the level gap affect the drop rate of named items?


04-14-2017, 07:12 AM
1- should do.

2- No.

04-14-2017, 07:23 AM
Anti-Solo mechanics?

Fleshmakers has the lighting of the runes which even with a hire and pet can be tough for people and I will grant you that one. Ghosts of Perdition has the two brothers which requires to timing to get both brothers together so I will also concede this one.

But I can't think of anything the other two have with a mechanic that would prevent soloing these quests.
Desecrated Temple of Vol?
Inferno of the Dammed?

And with the chance to drop any piece now either of these could provide you with the missing pieces you need.

04-14-2017, 09:26 AM
Fleshmakers heroic is annoying as heck to solo.
1) The runes reset really fast (Epic version is easily soloable... not sure why devs didn't make heroic the same timer)
2) Devs thought it would be truly helpful to put up invisible walls that block casting/damaging across open areas in here... so you can't kill air ellies across the map in here.

I have soloed it but it required two hirelings.... luckily I got that level 3 permanent hireling from the starter pack that goes on sale every year for about $2. Even then, it will dies often and I have to raise it and get lucky that no air ellies spawn before I can the run selected and the hit the use button on both hirelings as I try to get the other 3.

Ghosts of Perdition has two things that make soloing difficult:

1) Kill the brothers in quick succession to each other. I've found two methods to solo:
The first is to get aggro of the first one and then run around the room... don't get near the entrance down to the second one. Sometimes (it's not every time) the brother below will come up to the top. If you wait and let him come to the middle of the room with the first brother, he won't rubber-band back to the bottom. I believe this is because they are vertically on top of each other at both spawn points and he is close enough to his spawn point to not rubber band. However, if you see him in the tunnel and run over to him before he gets to the middle of the room, he will immediately rubber band.

The second method is going to require good DPS (warlock has been no fail for me). Kill the first brother, then run down to the second (kill everything as you go down to him), then kill him in his room. Run back up to the first brother as fast you can and then kill him as fast as you can. I've done this method 4 times in the last 4 lives and it has worked every time.

2) The beholder at the end with the "no way to prevent the massive CON damage". I've been able to solo him on a warlock the last three lives on Reaper 1 due to the DPS before it could drain me to make me helpless. I use a Heal scroll as I float down between battles to get back lost CON. Use feather fall so you can get hits on it as you are floating into room before it starts attacking you.

But, yeah both of these are annoying to solo. I do find that people will join a PUG quickly for these, if you put them up.