View Full Version : Savant - 2 FvS/18 Sorc Fire OR pure earth / ???

04-03-2017, 01:21 PM
Hey folks! I'm trying to figure out how I want to build my sorcerer. This will be its third life (previous lives wizard and sorcerer). This will be for elite content, not reaper. And preferably something I can solo with. Right now I'm thinking Warforged exclusively so I can self-heal, but I'm open to other thoughts as well.

Heroic feats for both would probably be: quicken, maximize, heighten, empower, enlarge, spell focus, greater spell focus

Idea one: 18 sorcerer / 2 favored soul - Fire savant & ???
I have never tried this mix before, but I have heard good things and I can definitely see the appeal of taking advantage of scourge and the sp regen from just rewards. I don't know what my secondary element should be though in this case. Should I just go with force and use magic missiles, chain missiles, and meteor swarm in addition to my fire spells? That sounds okay at first glance, but I could see that chewing up all my sp very quickly. Any thoughts?

Idea two: Pure sorcerer - Earth savant & water perhaps
I like the idea of going Earth savant for all of the DoTs available plus stronger webs. I guess water would be the best secondary because the water spells wouldn't burn away my webs. Not sure how viable an earth savant nuker is in EE content though. Any thoughts on this one?

Or a third idea: 2 FvS / 18 wizard - evocation archmage
Instead of spamming fire spells I just spam force spells instead, and still benefit from the favored soul splash.

Fourth idea is just to change tacts entirely and just go with a monk for my next life hahaha. But this isn't really the forum to discuss that one. Thanks for the help all!