View Full Version : Argonnessen content+Metallic Dragon bosses

03-02-2017, 02:37 PM
Now with dragonborn on the way, it opens some nice opportunity to do Argonnessen content and bring on metallic dragons, even as enemies/bosses. There are pretty usable examples in Dragons of Eberron. Bat-shape wing ones are prolly easier to do (just a bit of virtual sculpturing/painting, manta-likes may require some additional puppeteering).

Edit: I'd like to have metallic dragon(s) for the next monster added to my DnD:p
+more exotic stuff like chaos dragon etc. Oh, and wyverns!

Post-U35 edit: Yay, there's a rogue dragon (if not metallic), very cool. Hunting the rogues would make a nice saga(s) for The Chamber. Possible Argo favor reward mark: Fearie Dragon Creature Companion Certificate. May even use the resized model for a lulzy lowbie raid then. Maybe with a peaceful resolution depending on how well the party gets the stuff done; some beating/mario if needs to be, a riddle/puzzle, few skill/lore/etc checks, rewarding an extra chest+cool(er) event?

Hmm, a powerful ally/ies (Chamber member/s) may appear and join the battle scenario also comes to mind (based on how the stuff gets done, maybe have degrees of success; let's say we have metallics already: the best rating gets a goldie, the second a silver and so on)...