View Full Version : Suggestion for Knock, Detect Secret Doors, True Seeing spells

03-02-2017, 12:32 AM
Their use is too bad than before. These spells are not needed to exist even I think. So I'd like to suggest this change.

DC check of Knock, Detect Doors and True Seeing spells follow your spellcraft. Maximum DC is increased by 4 every your caster level. When used by wands or scrolls, It follows highest one of your UMD or Spellcraft, also Maximum DC follows caster level of the magic item you activated.

Ex) Wiz 1, Spellcraft 10 => DC 4 (Max 4)
Wiz 10, Spellcraft 20 => DC 20 (Max 40)
Wiz 2/Clr 18, Spellcraft 44 => DC 8 (Max 8)
Wiz 20/Magister 5, Spellcraft 80 => DC 80 (Max 100)
CLR 20/Exalted Angel 5, Spellcraft 60 => DC 60 (Max 100)
*Divine is only available to True Seeing.

Ex2) Knock Wand (Lvl 10), UMD 20/Spellcraft 4 => DC 20 (Max 40)
Dectect Secret Door Wand (Lvl 5), UMD 5/Spellcraft 20 => DC 20 (Max 20)

EX3) True Seeing will give you +10 additional DC.

If it's applied, I think Dice should be 1d10, not 1d20 like current, though I'm not sure of this part.
anyway, this change will make them revived.

03-03-2017, 11:07 AM
These are still useful as is (i.e. I don't think they should be removed from the game). Knock works on doors and chests with reasonable DC checks, and Detect Secret doors will pick up a secret door with a low DC. I just finished up a Sorc life and found these to be helpful some of the time, all the way through epic levels, on normal & hard (1st life toon, so not EE ready). If it didn't work, I just moved on. If you want a better DC, then pick up the appropriate class & skills. True seeing is great for melee and ranged combat, as it bypasses displacement and blur on enemy mobs, which is super helpful.

03-14-2017, 10:15 AM
I agree that knock is really lame and very limited in use, kinda the opposite of pnp. I'd like to see some addition to it's DC. I think adding spellcraft would be too much though.

03-16-2017, 06:03 AM
You do need to be careful with boosting any of this kind of stuff as to not make other players playing specialist classes (like Rogues) end up feeling useless and that they can't contribute anything.

Knock and Detect Secret Doors are handy in a pinch if playing a quest at a lower level, but should be far less effective if above level; if you want to open optional chests/doors then group with a rogue (albeit, even a hireling will do if really desperate!).