View Full Version : Ravenloft?

01-28-2017, 07:10 PM
I'm hearing alot of discussion of Ravenloft on the Forums.


But don't make it for Zergers and Power Gamers. Make it for those of us interested in dynamics and story. In the line of Study in Sable, which has a perfect element toward Ravenloft campaign play.

You may even want to start over with the basics and build an entirely seperate game on that idea, because the dynamics and scope would be a vast server load and conundrum to the current game engine. Plus it was a seperate entity.

I still think there should be an understood character assimilation over to Ravenloft, with no way back until a future date undetermined, both part of a storyline. It IS Ravenloft. You do get there with no way back. Also having the option to start a new character there as a resident of the demiplane, having no idea of the fact you are in one.

'Nuff Said.