View Full Version : Kickstarter Quests

01-11-2017, 12:43 AM
Hi SSG, my guildmate and I were talking over lunch that perhaps SSG should look at Kickstarting content. This would help in a few ways:

1) Upfront income which goes into development (easier to get part timers, animators and stuff to work on specific projects while the core team focuses on their main roadmap for the game)
2) Gauging customer interest in quests before they are made (not enough funding, don't build the quest!)
3) More engagement with the playerbase, something which many players crave since DDO has a very engaged community (slowing down, but I liken it alot to the Payday2 community)
4) Allow players to pay for indirect stuff (bugfixes, new graphics/animations, etc.)

In return, kickstarters could get stuff like:

1) Extra goodies for top tiers
2) The content they paid for at a discount
3) Cosmetic items
4) Limited time/consumable items
5) Content from stuff we missed (panther/owlbear hireling maybe)

... and so on. I saw someone mentioning it before but it wasn't on a thread of it's own, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here. Hope people receive it well!