View Full Version : Reaper Envelope Formulas

12-15-2016, 02:36 PM
Before leaving a comment keep in mind, that you should play it and give feedback.
The general point I'd like to make is that after we beat some reaper 10 quests on the last patch they turned up some things.


Ruin Spellpower
Fractional Nerf to Spellpower (X-1) and Difficulty
-0 Elite
-0.287097618 Skull1
-0.474744831 Skull2
-0.615545669 Skull3
-0.714472651 Skull4
-0.7833028 Skull5
-0.831457734 Skull6
-0.865218529 Skull7
-0.890342842 Skull8
-0.909186077 Skull9
-0.924103638 Skull10