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10-26-2016, 07:02 AM
New Night Revels festivult cosmetic shows, that people are willing to run same festivult again to acquire them.

Every year, Night Revel gain something news, challenges, ingredients, prizes.. , on the other hand Crystal Cove is almost the same every year.

Cove need some love from dev, to make it interesting again.

One of good solutions is adding new pirate themed cosmetics to Cove prizes.
- Armor - All kinds or just few of them (cloth, docent, light, medium, heavy)
- Helms
- Weapons

Few ideas:


10-26-2016, 12:01 PM
I would go for the top two, bottom three strike me as costumes from a college pirate-themed kegger/booty party... not that I ever went to any of those. ;)

I posted this on my cosmetics thread:


The left image is color adjustments I made to a screen shot (the right image) that I took in the harbor of someone. I tried sending them tells to say I liked what they were wearing and asking what it was but they must have just gone AFK because I waited around 5 mins and they never moved or responded. Does anyone know what the lady dwarf is wearing? Is this a named item or old cosmetic? I noticed in the Official Night Revels Guide that the elven lady holding the Short Broom of Mystery is also wearing this item.

I was thinking that DDO needs a Captain-style swashbuckler cosmetic or armor. I like the Swashbuckler cosmetic on the DDO store for male characters but all my characters are female and it doesn't look half as nice on females. Even the existing one could use a second version with a flashy coat to make it more captain-like. The female version needs some serious changes though. What I don't like about it is all about the blouse... its dingy, the neckline looks institutional, and the sleeves look awful. A female swashbuckler would definitely be showing cleavage, I know I do on the Pirate weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival.