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10-24-2016, 06:58 PM
why can we still not favor from pulverizor and combat brute from legendary dreadnaught destiny tree?

10-24-2016, 07:50 PM
In my testing, Pulverizer does work on Handwraps now. As for Combat Brute, that is harder to tell. The 50% helpless damage bonus has always worked, but the +1[W] has never displayed no matter which weapon you use. Though I see my damage go up slightly when using Haste boost from LD, so that is a solid indicator the +1[W] now works for Handwraps as well.

Epic Destinies are the biggest reason Handwraps needed to be recoded as weapons because almost all of the modifiers and abilities they had did not work with them - their DPS was majorly hurt by that fact.

I'm hoping that we will be seeing wraps with custom stats (especially WIS to attack damage), custom crit profiles, and custom base die.

Handwraps have the following concerns remaining:
- Durability. Having two weapon off hand strikes and attack rates with all of the damage being applied to a single weapon means you tear through them. They've done a quick bandaid fix by boosting durability, though I do think it needs a little more adjustment.
- Ooze damage. Handwraps and Blueshine have historically been the counter to oozes, but now as they're real weapons, they get torn a new one by them. I'm hoping they will add a new "Wrap" material with ooze-immune properties that apply to Handwraps in general to bring back that property.
- Cleaves (especially Whirlwind Attack). They should apply offhand strikes again to them to bring back one of the unique reasons for fighting unarmed/handwrap.

10-24-2016, 08:11 PM
maybe i have never noticed it since i use sense weakness. ill have to check to be sure, im just figuring it from the description say (does not apply to handwraps)
specially for the pulverizer

10-25-2016, 01:26 AM
Those descriptions predate U33 and were put in place so people would not waste their money/time taking useless abilities and make it so people would stop bug reporting it. I expect them to remove the comments as they were previously a mechanical limitation of wraps not being weapons rather than any deliberate exclusion.