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10-14-2016, 07:12 AM
I am really really really looking forward to a new and separate advanced difficulty coming to DDO! I loved champions when they were released prior to all the nerfs. I wish that "champion" had just been the new difficulty instead of introducing champions into the existing difficulties. I think a large portion of the community was too addicted to easy XP at that point to accept a challenge in what they already had. Hopefully having Reaper as a separate difficulty will circumvent some of that.

I took capped Gingerspyce solo into several quests just for fun to try them out.

I first dove into EE Subversion 10 skull. Spawned all 4 elementals in the first room and quickly got overwhelmed and died once the earth elemental grabbed me.

Then I tried EE Breaking the Ranks 10 skull and basically died as soon as the first mob hit me.

Next was 10 skull EE VON 1. Again dead in first fight before I could even get an earthquake in.

10 skulls was clearly outside of my paygrade.

Humbled, I then tried EE VON 1 again with 5 skulls. Completed without much fuss.

Then I went into EE Don't Drink the Water 8 skulls. Got just past the first barrier with a couple close calls but then got bored and recalled out.

For my ridiculous finale I went into LE 10 skull Search and Rescue. I got obliterated at the first fight right away.

The experience reminded me of when I was new to DDO back in early 2010 when I first tried old epics with garbage gear and only a few months of playing experience. I remember groups having to devise clever strategies and meet DC thresholds to complete epics back then. I would hit lfm's on my sorc and the leader would ask if my Mass Hold Monster DC was above 40 before letting me join. I imagine that Reaper mode will spawn similar scenarios. Higher difficulties will require us to be careful and strategic and not just run into groups of mobs in auto pilot mode. Crowd control becomes very valuable, healers prized, a real tank uber helpful. I love it and looking forward to Reaper going live some day! I hope the devs will not be dissuaded by screaming forumites like they were for champions. I want a challenge that I will not be able to complete on the highest difficulty on the first day. A challenge to work toward overcoming. Bring the pain!! :D

10-14-2016, 08:00 AM
I would agree. If people are posting videos of completing 10 skulls on lama after the damage issues with ranged, etc are fixed then the pain needs to be amped up even more. I'd want to see 10 skulls be impossible for weeks or months after release. In a full group. Soloing should be impossible for even longer. Give us a reason to get PL's and gear again. Besides just for s**ts and grins.