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09-25-2016, 04:06 PM

Vooduspyce & Community Manager Cordovan joins Patrick for a look at the New Cannith Crafting! We look at what has changed, what you can make, and some tips to maximize your crafting experience! We also talk about “The One Thing Thread” and this week’s Producer’s Letter!

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The New Cannith Crafting - 4:12
Game News - 1:04:41
Community News - 1:35:31
Lightning Post & Closing - 1:39:17

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Cannith Crafting Planer (http://ccplaner.esy.es/)

09-25-2016, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the tip Cordo about True Seeing :)


09-26-2016, 05:16 AM
I'm liking the new cannith crafting system overall, though am happy I'd invested in the old one & been an avid collectable hoarder beforehand, the number of components required makes it feel like it'd be far too grindy for me starting from scratch now. It's kinda fun seeing everyone making the detours to go for collectables now.

I've found I'm looking at all of my loot & quest rewards a lot more than previously, keeping an eye out for things with augment slots or special materials for weapons; finding both, eg. silver with a red slot, is a nice little "woo jackpot!" moment :) If only the issue with special materials like mithril on armour was fixed too...

I like that the skill & upgrade (stat & skill) tomes can be exchanged for purified shards too, so it's easier to get them from the free favour tomes, or daily dice rewards, or just complete a saga & take one from there.

Nice shout-out for the runestones - I love those things, they've got a long cooldown but they're really nice for certain tricky enemies - pro tip: petrify a beholder, their fort saves suck. It'd be nice if another couple of tiers were added for use in epics too though. Having the ammo is also great and makes life a lot easier for DR breaking as well as adding another bit of damage.

New questing hub.. my guess is it'll be "the pathfinder's lodge" or something similar, where you pay plat (price dependent on how out of the way the quest is) & they'll take you to the quest - they're already a thing in the lore so it'd probably fit in nicely.

New deity feats my guess is it'll mean more deity options then just giving more effects as you level in the class, in the same way as the warlock pacts work. Personally, I'd set it up so the domain spells are bonus feats instead of being added to the spellbooks, that way you could have some cross-class spells without running into issues like with blur wands being able to be used by all clerics & fvs since it's possible to get it in the spellbook through warpriest. Here's hoping LoB followers get Holy Sword at high levels or even as part of the reward for staying pure - I miss my warforged adamantine-bodied fvs, he used to be such fun before the other changes.

Mimic hunt idea - 1 basic collectable from it, then 4 or 5 different lists of loot you can get from turn-ins. Then, when the event is active "mimics got into X's treasury!" and one specific loot list is activated containing some themed items for that house plus a few more standardised items that are shared across all the lists. With only 1 collectable, if you don't want the specific stuff from that event, just hold on until the next one rolls around. Oh, and random mimics should be always switched on, just with a super-low chance outside of the actual scheduled events, because it's fun to have that little extra surprise from time to time :)

09-26-2016, 11:51 AM
Thanks for having me on. We probably could have gone another hour on crafting. :)

09-26-2016, 12:22 PM
I had tons of fun! I misspoke about the Cannith favor to access the vendor... it's 50 House C favor :D