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09-23-2016, 10:02 AM
a variation of NoWorries limited singular suggestion fix this thread...
Limiting us to just one fix suggestion.. meh....

Other things I would like to see Dev's looking at..
(I apologize in advance for the forthcoming wall of text.. will add singular issue posts as they come up)

~Ladder lag, hitching whatever it is that gets us stuck at the bottom of ladders.. they say its a one off fix.. but almost every ladder in the game needs fixing...fix them all..

~Bank Storage - consolidate and replace all interfaces with the AH style interface.. sort, search, filters... the whole system needs to be better.
~ sucks.. it should be the destination location for all my bags and yet it is inferior to the bags and holds smaller stacks .. fix the stacks to be minimum 10k or better 100k(anything)..
~Banking - Bag Deposit Box..it doesn't resort stacks when used for crafting or remnant purchases..
~Banking - Bag Deposit Box..lacking AH style interface..
~Banking -all of them.. change deposit order display.. when I put an item in it goes to the last spot several pages in.. reverse the order.. what I put in should show first on the front page. save me flipping pages..
~Bank Vaults.. give me a place to have a private instance massive storage location where I can put long term storage items in mass quantities not tied to my daily banking.
~TR Cache.. doesn't need to open when I open the bank.. wasted resources loading.. also.. search/sort/filter... AH style...

~Class passes.. dragging on .. status update and a shot of adrenaline to get some focus here... Warlocks are being unfairly targeted since they are already as good as they will ever get and others are falling behind..
~Clerics, should be mass destroyers of undead.. fix turn undead. remove the Total HD limitation.. it screws cleric turns.. limiting them to 1-2 turns. should be more like.. mass hurl each makes their own save or destroyed.
~Clerics. lacking SLA's for cures, temp hp, regenerative .
~Clerics spell caps .. get rid of them.. its not level 12 anymore..add more cleric spells.. cocoon, mass rejuvenation cocoon, regens, earthquake..
~Cleric Enhancement trees.. adapt and add the Warlock Enightened spirit tree.. this is the kind of enhamcenet tree clerics should have. Clerics of light..
~Cleric Enhancement trees.. adapt and add the Wizard Pale Master tree .. something Necro Focus Dark clerics should have along with negative energy cures..
~Cleric Divine pacts mirroring Warlock pacts.. the current divine feats are sucky.. the producer letter indicating a new 'feat' for divines.. no.. that's just BS.. Pacts are what they need...
~Cleric Enhancement trees.. add options to apply meta's and cleric level to wands/scrolls..5 years ago a cleric could cycle wands/scrolls to conserve mana..now they are insignificant..
~Cleric - remove slow casting timer from mass heal.. it just screws players from using it.. it is already a costly spell..
~Cleric fix turn undead.. yeah I said it twice.. its been an issue since level cap went to 16.. and has sucked ever since...

~Monks.. still waiting..... hopefully there will be a mass infusion of handwraps after the pass..

~Rogue/artificer trappers.. more recognition for trapping skills for class levels.. splash rogues end up as better trappers.. and thats just wrong...
~add trapper level to the DC calculations for traps. could even make it an enhancement bonus.. would give trappers some credit for being a vested trapper and not rely as heavily on gear..
~Rogue add search/disable speeds based on rogue levels, or enhancements..
~Rogue-high level enhancements for trapping that autodisable found traps.. you are so skilled at disabling that the traps seem to disable themselves as you approach..
~Rogue- enhancement mass disable traps.. disables all traps within an aoe of the rogue.

~Crafting - separate the disjunction and dissolving into teir own alters.. 1 disjucts only the other dissolves only , and add mass item dissolving.
Perhaps a NPC Vendor who pays with Cannith Essences instead of plat for dropping off mass assorted looted items..
~Permanent portable dissolver for disposing of items while questing.. ddo store has a 2 min timer use item.. but would like a permanent tool..

~Crafting alternative substitutes for crafting items.. like using mysterious remnants..
~Crafting - flexible shards.. lacking these in higher level crafting..
~Crafting collectibles requirements for crafting.. split these up between Heroic/Epic/Legendary so the level drop collectibles correspond to the craftings..
~Hair dyes - alternative uses.. let us custom color armor/shilds/helms.. (or cosmetics of these) . apply dyes to pets.. toupee/wigs for the forges...
~Custom Cosmetics.. give us some customizable cosmetics.. base,trim,accents, and use hair dyes to color each..
~Cosmetic skins for artificer pets.. add some flesh coverings... cat, dog, owlbear, etc...

~Slave Lords series traps ... is it possible to link the traps so it becomes 1 disable for a section.. poor trappers will be there all day doing them one at a time.. and forget about trap bonus for xp..too many individual traps..
~Slavers crafting a crafting option to lockdown the item to a gear slot.. currently things like chains are neck/belt.. if you craft it as a belt you cannot hotswap it, it hotswaps to the neck spot since that is the primary destination.
~Slavers gem crafting/slotting.. option to overwrite gems with other gems.. a jewellers kit to remove gems and reslot them..

~Named items update.. two lootgen passes and still completely ignoring named items turning most of them into [expletive] comparatively.. balance up the named items.
Would like to see named items have their own unique bonuses not available from Crafting or randomgens..
~New items are out of scale OP, permanent gear trumps temporary buffs by 2x or more that is out of whack crazy temp buffs should always be better than permanent gear.. cut permanent buffs in half
~add class buffs to quest parties- aoe buffs based on spheres.. primal, divine,martial,arcane that have overlapping stacking aoe buffs.. stars aligned for the diversified party.
~modify spells to have stacking buffs.. bears/bulls/etc... these should stack with party gear.
~a way to transfer bound BTCoE items without having to list them on the ASAH and buy them back on alt toons..
Personally would like to see BTC removed and just made BTA.. or a statuette/bust/DDO Store option to convert BTC to BTA.

~Sentient weapons.. I still want to have customizable levelling weapons.. I like the idea of having to feed it named items to unlock options..

~Events - update them for current players.. they are becoming one off outdated events. named items are becoming more irrelevant.
~LGS weapon T3 is an exceptional +2 that does not stack with globe of blood.. exceptionals used to stack.. insight didn't.. its a T3 crafting it should be good.. not just.. meh...
~LGS Shields .. and GS shields for that matter...

~LFM - leader controls.. options to block hirelings from being summoned without leaders permission a deny/ask/allow flag.,
~LFM - a boot hireling option Player X wants to join party, which hireling would you like to boot so a real player can join.. instead of damn it we have to reform the party around the guy who wont dismiss his hireling.
~LFM controls.. Party leader can select if players can enter the quest before him or if leader has to enter first.. prevents players from selecting wrong difficulty or zerging off before leader is ready.. should be leaders choice..
~LFM - Level range for joining.. Bravery bonus option that blocks anyone who will screw up xp from entering quest without leaders express permission.. covers players who level between quests in a chain...
~LFM - re-entry.. shouldn't happen without leaders permission.

~ Player housing.. sure.. moar storage.. put it in FR.. apparently we cant have Guildships there..some WoTC thing.. so mirror the guild system for individuals by utilizing player housing in FR.

~Guild Renown.. change the system so it associates half to the player half to the guild.. its the players that bring the renown to the guild they should take half with them if they leave and be able to use it to reform, start over, whatever...
~more Guidshp styles, and add some even bigger Guildships.. customizable hook points.. put Captain by ladder on each deck.
~Guildship.. add option for permanent placement of barkeep, auctioneer, mailbox, banker on the top deck. (all nestled nicely together like we do with them in the cargohold)..

~Reaper level.. would like to see this as the tier up from elite with all mobs being champions.. good for remnant farming..
~High level content.. toons that have all the gear and want to play top level content are really limited.. many are done with the TR hamster wheel.. need to keep top players engaged or will lose more..
~Update all Raids to have Max level playable access.. add Legendary versions of every raid. even as new raids get added. have a max level version.. add to the endgame raiding cycles...
~add some Endgame only content. CR Level 35+ no XP.. this is not for your off destiny farming or xp twoboxers challenge.. this is the be at your best endgame content...

~content that puts focus on challenges for class and less on player.. current content is trending to a player challenge.. doesn't matter what the class is.. like puzzles.. there is no rune for the 'x' class to unlock mass sections of the puzzle, or bypass some riddles easily. Deathwyrm puzzle for instance.. riddles are ..huh.. unless you interpet them or go to the wiki.. should be.. oh your a dwarf.. go left buddy.. not..if left is up and right is green then red is the exit but sometimes I lie. so 50/50 guess then...

~Underdark.. add some walkup quests... this is a massive expansive explorer full of ... nothing......
~Underdark city.. we annoyed Lloth dispersed her minions, freed slaves, took shydrelynnn.. gives us a interactive kickoff point in the Underdark.. marketplace style city center with NPC's traders, etc... add some more underdark content to challenge...

~add more spells.. especially illusion based spells.
~level appropriate Scrolls, Spells, even potions.. and of course scaling UMD requirement .. we could use more plat sink resources..

~Permanent thieves tools...

~Consolidate spell components option.. a generic higher cost component that covers all spell levels and types.. like the Omnidust/omnistone..but NPC purchaseable not DDOstorecentric... could use some more platsink purchasable stuff..
~Eveningstar key.. upgrade option to combine keys for more clicks/rest, different cooldowns, change or upgrade to 1x/rest... the timer thing just sucks.. especially if it gets interrupted....
~Eveningstar - cavern.. add FR teleporter to the cavern( we have the door in the FR side of HoH)... and guidship exit to the cavern..

~Boss debuffs.. we have been neutered of all tactics, spells, effects over the years from working on bosses... work these back in... it should be desirable to utilize tactics and debuffs for boss fights ..

~Hotbar Meta options for spells/scrolls vs undead.. self only/friendly only/etc... for the record.. I never want to cast my heal scrolls or wands on a undead mob.. I'm just trying to keep myself alive....others might.. let me control the casting..

~Live server Dojo's.. testing grounds with private instance rooms, rest/rez shrines/barkeeps. rooms with consistant damage to test resistances, PRR, MRR, etc... assorted mobs with tiered HP (level selectors)for dPS beatdown tests
~training rooms for all levels.. could even be in Korthos.. with trainers to introduce game mechanics.. even PVP rooms for anyone that cares about that kind of thing..

~ FR teleport locations.. we still don't have these available.. but yet we can Teleport back to Eberron from FR... Teleport shouldn't work across the planes.. that's what planescallers are for... except for those coterminous bridging area's...
~Hall of heroes.. bridge the gaps.. needs to be a way to travel between planes without logging off and switching at login..
~Add Guides to city center access points.. NPC's with teleport interfaces that will take you directly to questgivers and quest entrances.. for a price of course.. saves on wandering lost party members..
~separate all the quests by level in the LFM quest selection and on the adventure compendium.. the Epic/heroic being combined at the heroic level range is annoying. to find. let me sort by level.
~look at adventure compendium sorting.. sometimes words like 'the' is part of the sort order sometimes it isn't....
~better groupings for Adventure compendium.. more checkbox options.. filter by level range.. filter by what I have access to.. create LFM directly from here..

~Bigbys' hand in DDO store... wayyyy over priced.. cheap that one use stuff out... and offer a permanent clicky version with different color options.. I would buy that...
~DDO Store - Chest ransack reset timer... we have other ways to reset chest ransack but a one lick pay to reset option is purchase worthy for the rinse/repeat grinders...

~Forum filter tools.. options to shrink threads.. compress detail lines, filter by posters, change text and backround.. (whoever thought black on dark grey and yellow on white was a god thing..grr...) etc...
~better known issues list.. list all the things that are known even if you want more information on them.. or a link to a more inclusive list.. what we see here is poorly represented.

~Epic Reincarnation - give us an option to skip the relevel from 1 to 20.. a everything is exactly the same I don't want to make any changes set me to 20.. option...
~TR/ER.. retain my look defaults.. I can change them if I need to..
~Reincarnation option to leave what I have in my hotbars as is.. reloading everything back into the hotbars is a pita..

~Remove negative energy absorption from screwing negative energy healed pale masters.. make it a negative energy amp instead.. absorb it and negative heal me...
~Consolidate all the amps into beneficial incoming energy amp.. instead of separating negative/repair/heal and then screwing over players that use repair/negative amps..

~Change Forged so they can equip armor (they did it in 4e) forged have been screwed over with feat use inferior armor effect docents vs armor benefits for too long..

~Mob examination window.. keeps closing on me when targets switch off mobs.. fix this so if its open it stays open..

~map window minimizes when iswitch zones.. let me lock it and keep it up no matter where I am..

~Player volume adjustment.. glad to have it.. but the range is too tight.. need much larger range to adjust up the quiet ones and tone down the loud ones..

~add more explorer area port to explorer camps & direct to quest(AS) .. like stormhiorns.. great port template for all explorers..

~better character sheet breakdown .. let me bring up a detailed list that shpws exactly where all my numbers are coming from...
~revamp descriptions to break down what kind of bonuses items are giving me.. many item descriptions are no longer accurate, have changed, don't define, or are just plain wrong.

~AH search.. better search filter mechanics.. the new insightfuls, augments, etc... give us the tools to find what we want...

~Hirelings AI.. passive mode standing between player and the mob being melee'd taking direct damage, hirelings that stand in enemy AOE's , hirelings that take rezzes in enemy aoe's dying again, Hirelings trapper rogues that just suck at their jobs

~option to purchase AS with plat.. for a premium of course...
~more stuff I forgot I am sure...

ok.. that's my 'wall of text' list of things I would like to see.. so far... will add/modify as needed...

09-24-2016, 08:18 AM
a variation of NoWorries limited singular suggestion fix this thread.

Nice list, I made my own listing a while ago. But I wont' plonk a wall of text into your thread. I also later found another similar thread. The thing that I generally find remarkable is the lack of developer interest in these threads though. I almost find it insulting that they would start their own thread and not even acknowledge existing player input.

I presume the noticeable drop off in player activity has motivated them to begin improving the game. Fundamental changes to loot, the new crafting, the level cap increase and 2 million additional experience per etr, the lag from the data center move. They have all taken a tole of the player base. And now they want to seem like they are motivated in cleaning up the game. But heh, please no difficult suggestions; continue to ignore existing 10 year old things that make us look like amateurs.

Quality of Life Issues!

09-25-2016, 01:40 AM
~Cosmetic inventory based on the cuti-pet inventory.. instead of all these cosmetics scattered all over the place ..
consolidate them all into the same format as the pet inventory. a tab on the inventory sheet accessible by all the toons on the account..


09-25-2016, 09:44 PM
~finish converting WF/BF into 4e ruleset where they just wear armor like everyone else and no longer have to spend a feat for inferior defences.

the 4e rules have forges no longer immune to all poison/disease, but highly resistant.. DDO had already done this..
also in 4E repair is no longer necessary since forges become healable like regular players..
This brings the forged more in line with the vision of 'living' constructs..

09-25-2016, 09:50 PM
~Bank/Crafting Storage - change the display order when we deposit things into the bank and bag storage box..

Please resort the list so when I put something into the bank it shows up in the first position of the first page... not the last position of the last page..
It is moronic that we have to constantly flip pages to the end page to see our most recent activity.
..total waste of resource loading and time...

Currently I have all the storage upgrades purchased from the DDO Store.
220 Shared bank slots... we can see 25 items/tab.. so a full shared bank is 9 tabs to flip through to get to the most recent item you just put in.

The Crafting shared storage is much worse..
2045 items - 45 from VIP and 8 upgrades@250each.. but same per tab view limitation of 25/tab...
Many items do not stack or stack poorly related to bags since it is based on Inventory stacks not bag stacks)
so... 82 tabs.. of flipping.. to see the recent additions while flipping past all the old [expletive]


and the display is broken in that once you get over 1,000 items of xx the limit gets pushed off the display screen.

and yeah we can do a simplistic filter.. assuming you can remember enough of it to narrow it down for a singular item.. doesn't help much when you move multiple items.
Especially when a simple implementation from Dev's to change it so that the last thing you put in goes to the first spot of the first tab instead of the last spot in the last tab.

09-25-2016, 11:36 PM
While you have many good suggestions, the Devs will probably not want to read a novel, and your wall will crit them for 9000k of untyped dmg.

09-26-2016, 02:26 AM
I have a post on this already, mainly as a location to post these things so that devs can maybe see them & comment, if only to see the volume of similar/identical suggestions & complaints from players.


-Cosmetic armor kits, quite often, do not appear on login, must be removed & requipped to appear.

-Cosmetic armor kits bug when dealing with auras. Just as an example, the Shadowscale armor aura will show through a cosmetic armor, obscuring it. I would type this as a bug, as the aura can appear to the player, but not others, & vice versa. Including an "aura toggle" similar to helm/armor/goggle display toggle would be nice.

-LFM panel still needs work. I don't mind it going to the guild page on login, but needing to go to the "WHO" panel before the grouping panel in order to see who's leading groups & who's in groups is annoying.

-Speaking of LFM panel, it'd be amazing to add in a WTB/WTT panel on the social that show up server-wide, so that people aren't having to post their requests either in the LFM where it technically shouldnt be, or have to post it in every zone's /trade & hope for a tell rather than miss out on a reply in a zone you're not in anymore.

-Along those lines, the Auction House search could really use some improvements. Having a "narrowing down" checklist option would be great, since a lot of new & old effect terms are different, but also because it'd be nice to have it hunt down the 3rd/hidden effects, since there's no way except manually searching for it now.

-UI: more channel options needed, & the channel indicator (where it says what channel you're currently typing in, i.e. "Guild", "Userchat1") needs to have its color match its corresponding channel text to reduce mischats/types/tells.

-In windowed mode, the Teleport list always pops up too low on the screen & must be manually moved upward to see the lower few locations, & always pops up behind hotbars. Would type this as buggish as it is functioning fine, but displaying in a way that requires additional steps by players to work correctly.

-Lack of Teleport spell locations to Eveningstar, Wheloon, Hall of Heroes, Thunder Peaks. I find it odd & inconsistent that we can teleport without issue FROM these areas to the Teleport spell locations, but not TO these areas.

-Shield feats, compared to other combat styles, are lacking. I do not understand this active refusal to deny these feats, as well as either including shields in the list of Improved Critical: Bludgeoning or introduce Improved Critical: Shields. I classify this as an inconsistency, & a glaring one, as clearly a lot of time & energy was spent on the Single Weapon Fighting style that was unheard of in the game before swashbuckler was introduced. Additionally, I would accept "animation issues" when discussing removing the one-per-second bash limiter, but given that Knight of the Chalice cleaves will proc but not animate if activated closely together, I refuse to believe that "animation issues" is the real issue there.

And yes, i have read Sev's post on it:

-Numerous (too many to count, but mostly in newer (since MotU) content) overhead questgiver chalices can be inconsistent with their in-map counterpart. A player can pick up a quest, & the overhead chalice will appear gray, but the in-map chalice can remain yellow (or blue if previously completed).

-Sorceror Savant SLAs (like Fireball), if not targeted on something, will fire straight out from the player, regardless of where the reticle is aimed. The "normal spell" version of the SLAs do not have this issue; if the reticle is aimed up or down, it will fire at where the reticle is targeted.

-Heroic Past Lives, including Completionist, seem to be behind the curve now, given that they haven't been touched since the cap was increased past 20 with the exception of adding in more as classes get introduced.

-The majority of spells that exist are being left unused, & not just because of limited spell slots or scroll availability. There should be a survey of spell usage to determine what needs updating.

09-26-2016, 05:52 AM
~add more spells..

Eventually, implement more spells.

But in the meantime, instantly add more spells by fixing all the spells that are incorrectly missing from class spell lists.

E.g., Tentacles belongs on Wiz/Sorc list, Earthquake on Clr/FvS list, etc..

09-26-2016, 07:38 AM
Eventually, implement more spells.

But in the meantime, instantly add more spells by fixing all the spells that are incorrectly missing from class spell lists.

E.g., Tentacles belongs on Wiz/Sorc list, Earthquake on Clr/FvS list, etc..


The introduction of Gnome illusionist should have brought a stack of Illusion spells

Currently across the classes there are....
33 Abjuration Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Abjuration
40 Enchantment Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Enchantment
47 Necro Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Necromancy
60 Evocation Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Evocation
69 Transmutation Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Transmutation
71 Conjuration Spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Conjuration
8 Illusion spells http://ddowiki.com/page/Illusion

Yup, 8 Illusion spells...
*Hypnotic Pattern
Invisibility, Mass
*Phantasmal Killer
Shadow Walk
...two.. two spells have a DC for illusion focus.. and we have a Gnome class who's focus is supposed to benefit illusion spells....

I never have a need to swap out spells at a shrine.. there just are not enough spells to care to have to swap for optimization.
Great for Sorc's.. no Wizard jealousy here..since they don't need to go to the vendor and pay to swap spells on a regular basis.. just pick the best spells and are set for the life cycle.. no real hard choices...
just trash killer spells and buffs.., we have no boss debuff spells .. so no mix/match spells during raids/quests needed..

We haven't had a spell revamp or pass or update in years, just nerfs to spells that used to work and be useful on bosses.
Trap the soul.. dead since epics.. because of the CR30 limitation.. trap the soul weapons still work since they have no dc cap..
Waves of Fatigue.. now worthless..
Temp HP, Regen spells fo divines.. cocoon, mass cocoon, greater aid, greater versions of lots of spells...
Bears/bulls/otheruselessanimal spells... none are useful to players.. all trumped by gear early on.. pretty much only ever used for the puppies in Hound..
Ranger Barkskin.. garbaged with the ac pass and trumped by gear by more than 2x.
and more....

We have few useful high level spells to choose from and this hasn't changed since ... crickets.....

09-26-2016, 08:30 AM
After playing my artificer for a few days, I'd have to say fixing the bug/glitch where druid and artificer pets 'shut down' and do nothing. After a few minutes in a quest, my iron defender tends to freeze up, not even having a walking animation, and doesn't attack but freezes once it reaches a mob. Makes it useless for anything but pulling levers.

09-26-2016, 10:47 AM
~Mithral not coded to give proper PRR/MRR
extra punishment for the Forged classes..

Named Mithral armors are still screwed up.

WF/BF have to use a feat to take a body type beyond Composite (composite should be treated as light armor for PRR/MRR )
Mithral is treated as light armor even though it should be recognized as Mithral Medium Armor.

1. Composite Body should be giving the armor cap equivalent of light armor, it is base plating that has the properties of padded armor and treated in a similar way to how mithral moves the armor from medium to light, Composite plating moves the armor from light to none(effectively heavy robes/padded armr).

Composite Body:
This plating is not natural armor and does not stack with other effects that give an armor bonus (other than natural armor).
This composite plating occupies the same space on the body as a suit of armor or a robe, and thus a warforged cannot wear armor or magic robes.
Composite plating also provides a warforged with a 5% arcane spell failure chance, similar to the penalty for wearing light armor.

2. WF/BF Mithral body is medium body plating made of MIthral wich moves it into the light category. This is why there is no actual selectable medium body armor option.

Mithral Body:
Docents you equip provide armor equivalent to Chainmail. This is treated as metallic light armor
(because it is Mithral, otherwise it would be medium armor, which is why WF/BF don't have a Medium Armor choice)

3. Adamantine Body:
Docents you equip provide armor equivalent to Full Plate.
This is treated as metallic heavy armor. You have damage reduction 2/adamantine, a 35% arcane spell failure chance, -5 armor check penalty to certain skills, and a +1 maximum dexterity bonus.
Note: Evasion doesn't work for Warforged with Adamantine Body since it is considered a heavy armor.

They know about it, even if its not on the known issues list..

03-24-2015, 11:11 AM

We understand that there are folks that would like us to give some attention to mithril (and adamantine, and random-gen armor in general.) So far our schedule has not permitted it, but hopefully this is something we can carve out time for when the time is right.

09-26-2016, 04:53 PM
~Combat log:

Give us better filtering mechanics for the combat log
Separate buffs from combat...two pages of getting/losing buffs makes it difficult to pull useful information from the combat log.. and ultimately adds no "combat" value.
By allowing us to have better filtering mechanics we can separate the buffs from the damage components of combat..

09-26-2016, 06:31 PM
~Ship Buffs

Consolidate all ship buffs into a single icon expandable.

July 2017 - Update 36



~There is now a single Guild Buffs icon that remains visible when the Hide Guild Buffs UI option is enabled.
This buff is only granted when using the Airship Amenity Bar, and simply displays the time remaining on non-Cargo Hold guild buffs.

09-27-2016, 07:46 AM
Many players want more storage and are willing to pay real money to add more storage

1. Gnome Storage Vaults
An instance location where we can go and access/purchase large storage containers.
a long term storage facility not accessible by the regular banking system so as to not bog down/clutter the regular daily banking interface like the TR cache does.
add some sort/search functions, filter buckets, etc.. could use something like the AH interface as a template
Relocate all future TR caches from the bank interface to a AH style vault interface.

2. Player Housing.
Start with things like Crew Quarters.. a small room with a spot for a chest.. exit door to guild ship , or if unguilded.. a boat at the harbor.
Future opportunities to add.. bigger housing and more .... these are opportunities to sell space and many games have been very successful with player housing additions..
Many players would purchase a lot of housing options to upgrade to the Estate Castles and such...

Housing hookpoints to install alternate versions of amenities... like cargo hold amenities
Kobold butler(innkeeper) that makes various comments as he buys your junk loot and repairs.. "what Kobold supposed to do with this..", " you think you better than Kobold?", "oohh shiney Kobold keep this one", "kobold treasure this always"...
Succubus maid.
Large storage vault with AH like interface (from 1 above) used for storing items, allows for sorting, filtering, searching, only accessible by House owner... Upgrade modules to add more capacity.
Additional AH style interface vaults for sharable items, and BTC items..
Perhaps even your own personal AH where you can invite people and they can buy from your general access AH terminal.. (DDO still gets their cut for offering the interface service)
General storage chests
Hallway of Mannequins for displaying armor.. like dragon armor sets...
Monster Manual room.. ornamental room with various monster displays.
Pet zoo, displays all your currently owned pets in little display area's.

These are the other area's of the game encompassing pay systems I would expect to see in any MMO games.
I am actually pretty surprised to see DDO has not invested more heavily into this aspect of the game, Player Vanities and storage are aspects that game players will pay for over and above content.
More revenue for the game gives more opportunities to expand content and add more interesting things to the overall game..as long as we keep feeding it, it has the opportunity to grow.


09-27-2016, 10:24 AM
-Remove the hd limit on trap the soul and make it use a standard spell component.

-Add concentration checks for using objects rather than just automatically being interrupted. It's annoying when a damage over time effect doing very little damage relative to your max hp interrupts you from opening a chest making you wait 10 or so seconds for it to end.

-Add the level range of a collectible to the end of its description for convenience.

-Add some amount of useful self healing for fighters to get through heroic levels when groups aren't always readily available besides relying on the current enhancement that only buffs potions or being at the mercy of hireling AI. Maybe make liquid courage a multi-selecter with two other options being something like this: Combat Medic/Field Maintenance - consumes 1 healers's kit/repair kit, you apply bandages that provide temporary hp equal to your fighter level multiplied by the heal/repair bonus of the kit. As long as the bandages remain in place, you are healed/repaired by an amount equal to your fighter level plus the heal/repair bonus of the kit (scaling with melee power) every two seconds for a maximum of 9 seconds. 12 second cooldown.

Basically it would have similar behavior to rejuvenation cocoon but the values would scale based on level rather than be static to not be too powerful at lower levels. I'm sure the numbers and formula I suggested as an example would need to be changed to be balanced at level ranges, but it's just an idea that has a flavor reasoning behind it that would be non magical to fit with the fighter class, would give healer and repair kit items a reason to exist, would be a source of healing that wouldn't have the drinking animation, and could use the free agent favor reward kits that are slightly less expensive and fragile compared to potions.

09-27-2016, 11:48 AM
-Remove the hd limit on trap the soul and make it use a standard spell component.

-Add concentration checks for using objects rather than just automatically being interrupted. It's annoying when a damage over time effect doing very little damage relative to your max hp interrupts you from opening a chest making you wait 10 or so seconds for it to end.

-Add the level range of a collectible to the end of its description for convenience.

-Add some amount of useful self healing for fighters to get through heroic levels when groups aren't always readily available besides relying on the current enhancement that only buffs potions or being at the mercy of hireling AI. Maybe make liquid courage a multi-selecter with two other options being something like this: Combat Medic/Field Maintenance - consumes 1 healers's kit/repair kit, you apply bandages that provide temporary hp equal to your fighter level multiplied by the heal/repair bonus of the kit. As long as the bandages remain in place, you are healed/repaired by an amount equal to your fighter level plus the heal/repair bonus of the kit (scaling with melee power) every two seconds for a maximum of 9 seconds. 12 second cooldown.

Basically it would have similar behavior to rejuvenation cocoon but the values would scale based on level rather than be static to not be too powerful at lower levels. I'm sure the numbers and formula I suggested as an example would need to be changed to be balanced at level ranges, but it's just an idea that has a flavor reasoning behind it that would be non magical to fit with the fighter class, would give healer and repair kit items a reason to exist, would be a source of healing that wouldn't have the drinking animation, and could use the free agent favor reward kits that are slightly less expensive and fragile compared to potions.

nice, great suggestions.

Would also like to see the soul gems go into the purchased soul bags automatically, not get dumped on the ground where the mob died... trapping ranged mobs often leads to being unable to collect soulgems.
And.. having the shiny soulgems drop on the ground usually entices others to scoop up the soulstones.. speed sneaking rogues, sprint boosting melee's...

09-28-2016, 07:34 AM
any word on the fix for cookie buffs.

Update 29 (December 17th, 2015)
~Some Festivult Cookies have had their benefits changed.

This change broke the Abishai Destroyer effect from consuming all 5 cookies.
DDO was aware of the issue.

Unfortunately, the Abishai buff will probably not be able to get fixed this Festivult. We (actually, I to be more specific) had the false belief that consuming the cookie would apply the buff regardless if the cookie was a spell or buff. I was wrong. We'll work to get this fixed for the next Festivult.

Update 29 Patch 2 Release Notes (Jan 28, 2016)
Here are the Release Notes for Update 29 Patch 2, released on Thursday, January 28th, 2016.
~The bonus effect given when all five Abishai Cookies are consumed has returned.

Unfortunately the fix.. wasn't a fix.. it didn't fix anything...

I don't remember if we've mentioned it on the forums, but yes, we are aware that the bonus is not currently functioning.

So here we are.. 8 months later..........
~Still not fixed~
~Still not updated on the known issues list~
or the public notice board.

Any Dev input as to why its not on the known issues list or any word on fix?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

~~~~~~Finally Fixed.. Dec 2016.... yay~~~~~~~~~

09-28-2016, 10:05 AM
Guild like buffs for non-guilded players or low level guilds....

House J and House P buffers should be updated to give comparable buffs based on favor..
These houses have not had their favor revamped to current standards.

Now of course these would not be as good as high level guild buffs time duration wise, and would be costly on a plat purchase per buff..
This would allow those that choose not to be guilded or low level guilds to still have a pay per buff option that doesn't force them to have to join guilds or beg for access to get buffs.
.. its what we used to do before we had guild buff options... and also encouraged favor running for House J and House P..

09-29-2016, 08:00 AM
~Cannith Crafting..
Quivers with craftable ranged features...

10-03-2016, 07:43 AM
~Cannith Crafting

separate epic level from heroic levels for crafting and the collectibles required.
Insightful stats for instance are crafted from collectibles only available in epic level content but are craftable starting with level 10 gear.
The amount of collectibles are heavy for heroic crafted items and cost the same for the epic.. only difference is the min level shard applied...

Really should have separated the crafting collectibles requirement between Heroic, Epic, and Legendary..[/

10-04-2016, 07:33 AM
~Caster imbue weapons
Would like to see an adaptation of ranger arcane archer imbues available to sorc/wiz..

Allow wiz/sorc to imbue weapons imbued with effects like the ranger Arcane Archer enhancement tree
Seems weird that rangers can better imbue their own arrows with arcane power than an EK wizard/sorc can..

10-04-2016, 07:39 AM
~Throwing weapons.. need some luv.

add throwing daggers as an option for rogues to apply increased dagger damage and assassinates..


add a manyshot option for throwing weapon.. even 10k stars doesn't work with throwing weapons (except shuriken)but does work with arrows..

10-05-2016, 09:04 AM
Greensteel/LGS shields/slavers... please add customizable shields with defensive crafting options(perhaps with the handwrap pass)
Alchemical shields were close.. but alchemical crafting died a quick death of invalidation due to Pita farm, limited level range usefulness, binding, poor selection options, poor defensive choices for shields, and many other sucky reasons...
Cannith carfting shields gives us a few options... but they are mostly sucky... could use a lot of improvement here.. riposte, parrying, a whole bank of insightful defenses, friggin runearms have twice as many crafting options...

... give shields some luv....

10-07-2016, 08:13 AM
~quick transportation

soulbinding key..
a key that ports you to your bound location without having to do a /death. bound on the ship.. port to ship....

Planescallers scatthered throughout the realms that will port you to/from hall of heroes and various realm destinations.. for a fee of course...

Guides.. The city streets are a busy place, these guides know them well and can guide you to your destinations quickly...
npc's at the entrances/exits of public zones that will guide you to quest givers for all local quests .. for a small fee.. ports you to quest giver, or other nearby points of interest...

Forgotten Realms teleport destinations.. add some quick port travel options from the cavern to the rest of FR..and a port to the cavern from the guildship..
The FR side Hall of heroes has some choices from the door portal..expand on this template this to several locations within FR.

10-11-2016, 01:35 PM
Would be nice to have a in-game system that supports trades / guild recruiting / msg board..
Something like an AH style advertisement interface... the craigslist of DDO... post your advertisements for a fee...
the channels just don't cut it for these kinds of activities..

10-19-2016, 12:30 PM

the current LFM quest selection process is a PITA. trying to find the quest within the level range
Epics are listed under heroics (if they have heroic and epic versions)

Things I would like to see updated and improved...

When I enter a quest or am running a chain allow my LFM to automatically update the quest based on the quest I am in. (enter quest. create/update LFM ~ y/n ~).

List all quests separated by level even if it means duplicating the heroic and epic versions.
add Filters for name and level range, trying to find epic quests in the heroic level range is asinine.

Organize story arcs in order..Something like
Level 21 ES1-Flag1 Impossible Demands
Level 21 ES1-Flag2 Unquiet Graves
Level 21 ES1-Flag3 The Lost Trhead
Level 21 ES1-End Arc Battle for Eveningstar

add an auto-share option when players first join my LFM., saves having to look it up and manually share. especially when in progress.

10-25-2016, 08:14 AM
WF/BF body type choices..

They may not be humanoid but they were formed/molded to look like them..
add the body type choice for the WF/BF to select a body mold type that allows them to wear armor like fleshies instead of docents

Feat: Unarmored Body
Your body is crafted without its normal layer of armor, trading off physical strength for magical potential.
Prerequisites: Warforged/Bladeforged, 1st level only.
Benefit: You lose the normal +2 armor bonus and light fortification common to warforged characters, but you have no inherent chance of arcane spell failure and can wear armor or magic robes and gain their full effects.
Special: Unlike most feats, this feat must be taken at 1st level, during character creation. If you later select any warforged feat that grants or adjusts an armor bonus or damage reduction, you lose this feat and all its effects.

11-02-2016, 07:50 AM
~Guildships.. Mutinies/splits/reforms

.. Personally I believe the guild system is flawed.

1. The person that created the guild should own the guild Name. this should not be usurpable.. they thought up the name, and purchased the guild with their resources to start it up.
If they pass ownership then it was their choice to give up the name..

2. Renown should belong to the players that earned it. 50% of the reputation should travel with the player if they leave a guild for whatever reason.
Any personally AS purchased amenities go with them as well.(plat purchases stay with boat).. an option to leave on good terms and leave without AS purchases is reasonable.
Leaving the guild will then lose the player 50% of their renown, the remaining 50% can be taken to any new guild or used to start their own guild...
Everytime a player quits a guild they lose 50% of what they have remaining. (discourages guild hopping)..

3. Mutiny option should require a majority vote by renown ownership. Officers with little or no renown investment should not have the power to usurp the guild.
They don't have the renown reputation to take over..

A mutiny should result in Split ship... Some mutinies don't end as expected...
a starter ship (dingy) being launched with the Leader on board bearing the guildship Name and their personal invested renown, (and any personal ship AS purchased upgrades/amenities)
..could do something like ship splits into 2 starter ships with plat split between the two ships and AS held in a player trust to only be spent by players on the ship they sided with...
...A leader that has invested a lot into their guild (used personal AS instead of guild pooled AS) may end up in the Galleon leaving behind a dingy of mutineers...

..The Mutinied ship raises their own new flag..thus requiring a new name.
Any player logging in after that has the option to jump ship to the original Leader or remain on the Mutinied boat or quit both.. (cant board a ship via guild portal until they make their choice.. on the plank between ships..)
Those that choose to remain with the leader take their full renown (and any guildship AS purchases) with them or remain with the usurped guildship
(unless they walked the plank with the original leader and were removed from the usurped guildship roster then the choice was made for them).

11-02-2016, 08:22 AM

Would like to see..
~Customizable Hookpoints.
~Tavern effect on the entire top deck
~add Captain interface to all decks.

add New sleek model ships.. less decks with Option to slot non-interactive amenities into orbs on a totem pole for the lever activated buffs.
adjust lower deck amenity room entrances so they are more inward facing..

Love the cargo hold layout.. and I am either there or on the top deck 99.5% of the time..

11-03-2016, 07:40 AM
~Trapping focus Rogues~

Motivation to invest into Trapper Rogues to obtain benefits that give real benefits.
Currently splashing 1 level of trapper is enough 'trapper' to hit all the traps/locks in the game

Would like to see the Dev's rework a few things to give the 'trapper' build a place in the game vs the splash 1 level and overall be better than the pure trapper who doesn't do much else other than hang back behind the party looking for traps while the party carries on to finish the quest.

1. add +1 rogue/artificer level to the formula for spot/search/disable for traps and open locks
your training as a rogue gives you insight into working with traps... make it an insightful bonus that does not stack with insightful gear.

2 add faster search and trap disabling based on rogue/artificer levels and boosters within the Rogue Mechanic tree.
You would think after a lifetime of dedicated focus that the trapper would become more proficient with their abilities with levelling.. casters get caster levels.. melee get BAB..
the experience gained from trapping should allow the trapper to better recognize traps as it comes to spotting, disabling..oh yeah.. a basic kobold design in these kobold caverns.. yup. there it is..
Something like...for every 4 Rogue levels you disable traps 10% faster and 10% from each core in the trapper tree.. capstone gives auto disable.
**would have to do it as an active stance or something to ensure trapper is properly geared up.. auto blowing up traps as the rogue approaches could be bad...

Would love to build a heavily invested trapper that auto finds and auto disables traps just by walking by them..
'your experience and trapping skills are so masterful that traps just seem to disable themselves as you approach'
.. they think it some kind of magic.. pft.. I cut the trip wire back there... stuffed a bag of sand under the pressure plate... unplugged the sensor....and pick pocketed the Paladins crucifix, put it in the Warlocks bag.. just wait until the dwarf drinks what he thinks is ale...

3. Concentration checks now apply when disabling traps while under fire or standing in a trap..
can prevent being interrupted while disabling traps with a successful concentration check.. like casters and their scrolls..
and really.. Why wouldn't trappers get a concentration check... cant unlock this door since.. fear reaper ticks from fear reaper on the other side of the fkng door... caster.. np.. level 2 spell ..open sesame...
..caster whispers.. to party who needs a rogue.. cant even open a door while under fire without being interrupted.... next life I'll just splash a rogue level for traps...

4. auto-find
Races gain perks that are unavailable to invested trappers..
Nothing is Hidden:
Elf/Drow/Shadar-kai racial ability...
It does work great. auto-find trap boxes jut by being within proximity. even did it on a Shadar-kai.. though that one was expensive since it is too high in the Shadar-kai tree.
but again.. after a lifetime of investing in the class .. shouldn't that give the experience to spot traps... add this into the trapper enhancement tree cores...

Other things I would like to see for rogues...
Flip the switch: Your skill with trapping has allowed you to convert the trap from friendly targeted to enemy targeted.. requires crit success to rewire the trap.. some traps may require trap parts to rework..

11-03-2016, 11:28 AM
+1 amazing thread

12-12-2016, 03:02 PM
New player Training Ship..

A beginner zone for players to test various aspects of beginner character building..
They then select their final choice of who they are wanting to be ..

Before the shipwreck and ending up on Korthos....
Before deciding on a race/class to play or selecting stats...
A start point as a non-class character..

NPC guides/story teller that talks of Eberron, Stormreach, Houses, and what awaits you at the port of Stormreach...
Class NCP's that talk about the classes and their traits, abilities, skills....

Rooms where you can choose temporary classes and reset them as desired.
Train in Damage rooms , DPS rooms, archer testing rooms, mini-melee zones...
Testing rooms ..precursors to in game puzzles (tiles, variations of shroud), Mario skill jumping, trap rooms., spell casting rooms, etc..
challenges rooms oriented to temporary class selected..
A permanent Fred type player that lets you reset and swap feats, enhancements, skills, etc...

Class oriented change rooms...Practice Gear, weapons, etc..
NPC toons that point out flaws.. as the wizard walks into the Fighter weapons/armor room...dude.. that's heavy armor .. see how it restricts your casting abilities.... can you even lift that Sword.. when selecting a heavy weapon...

Exit gate to upper deck... ( to finish training, or skip tutorial phase)...
Begin Character selection screen...as you settle on your choices and head to the upper deck speak to the Captain
you hear the commotion as a Dragon (Velah perhaps) swoops in and destroys the ship....

This is a game with a steep learning curve and lots of complexities..
In my opinion DDO has a weak introduction for new players that do not have a D&D background.
a pre-starter introduction to the fundamentals of the game would benefit these new players.

12-13-2016, 08:31 AM

I find the majority of wands/scrolls to be pretty worthless beyond basic levels.
..sure there are some niche defensive/opportunity ones beyond heal/resurrection, like shield, gust of wind, stoneskin, GH, Teleport, Ice storm, sleetstorm, grease, invis, etc...
but offensive ones are .. meh... subpar....

The DC's of wands were never scaled with the game, so the majority of wands are stuck in the pre level 12 range.
In epic levels the wands are just a novelty.. they don't scale with meta's and are stuck with inferior DC's.
Similar situation for scrolls.

This is something that 'could' and 'should' be looked at by Dev's.. adding enhancement lines to add meta's to wands and scrolls for casters..
back in the day a cleric would cycle wands and scrolls into the healing routine to conserve mana.. as the game raised level caps and mobs hit harder this became insufficient and they had to rely on mana dumping.

Start with Divines.. A means to allow divines to add selective meta's to their resources would go a long way to reviving classes like clerics..

Things I would like to see..
~Open up crafting to be able to craft level appropriate wands/scrolls.. perhaps even.. rechargeable/reusable wands.. recharges x charges/shrine... or require feeding it mana...something....
~random drop higher level wands/scrolls in epic content with higher umd benchmarks.. even the most mundane players can reach viable UMD for the existing unlimited NPC accessible wands/scrolls in todays game..
~scroll bags/folders/binder... whatever you want to call it to store scrolls.. DDO store special.. with assorted sizes... we have worthless Hireling folders after all (yeah I bought one when they first came out)....

12-13-2016, 03:35 PM
Community guild ship: To encourage players to actually SEE each other, create a community guild ship area - a single instance where all guild members from any guild can enter. Put a buff bar in there - when you hit it, you get the buffs that your guild has purchased. Evaluate other common guild purchases for inclusion in the community guild ship as well, like the mailbox, repair droid, bankster, etc.

Add some minor incentives so that players use the community area, like convenient travel back and forth between Eveningstar and Stormreach, a minor improvement to buffs from the community buff bar (like just a time extension).

12-13-2016, 03:39 PM
Some quick way to find quest givers: If you have a completed quest in your journal, there should be a button that gives you an arrow that guides you to the quest giver for that quest. If you don't have the quest in your journal, when you double-click the quest in the all-up quest list, it should give you an arrow to the quest giver.

(I seem to spend huge amounts of time just finding the NPC's. If the map had a search option so I could type the NPC's name, that would be awesome.)

12-14-2016, 09:50 AM
Gear vs Temp unique class Buffs causes issues with DDO OP'ness and Self sufficient solo being better than Diversified party working together...
D&D was all about teamwork .. DDO started with this Core foundational template and levelled away from it instead of building on it.

1.Gear trumps class abilities and spells.
2.Temp buffs should always trump or stack with Permanent gear
3. Dungeon Scaling in Elite.. shouldn't exist.. Elite is where the teamwork should come into play or truly challenge those that solo.

The last revamp of randomgens was a blow out of power items invalidating all old randomgen and named items.
getting a +8 stat and an insightful +3 used to require two BTC pieces on level 25 gear that was hard to come by .. like Gianthold Dragon armor/helms...
Now I can craft them for level 13 a +8/+3 on a single item with an extra bonus and an augment slot BTA..or pickup randomgen in the same lowly level range..

Ranger barkskin..a dispellable temporary buff... is capped at +5 when cast from the class..
and yet...
+1 to +8 is available on augments
and game gear has...
+17 Natural Armor.. http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Legendary_Hardened_Hide
+5 Insightful from http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Epic_Lion%27s_Mane
and many more sources that provide a permanent version of Natural Armor...
... Its a screw you to the classes and support toons... slot it and be self sufficient..

Since when has a permanent buff ever been more powerful than a temporary dispellable buff.. its ass backwards..
Drop all stat/skill bonuses from all gear in half...
Give Set bonuses a unique stacking bonus (because of the set) ..
Give Named items a unique stacking bonus.. they are named after all.. like artifact bonus...

Class abilities/spells should be unique and stack with gear
Separate stacking buffs by the spheres.. Divine/Arcane/Primal/Martial .. have them stack with each other but not themselves..

Spells like bears/bulls/otherstat boosts from casters should stack with any gear and scale with caster level making it better from the caster than from a scroll or wand...
Stack Spells and buffs from each sphere class to stack with gear and other cores.. use bonuses like Martial/Divine/Arcane/Primal.... Wizard, Druid, Cleric would stack.... FVS/Cleric would not..
caster buffs type should not come on any regular gear.. an any rare unusual gear that did manage to get it should be less than what is attainable by a caster.

Aura buffs from sphere classes.. Divine/Arcane/Primal/Martial
That will now give stacking temporary bonuses coming from support classes of the different spheres.. the group is stronger than the one.
Similar to Paladin Aura when you are in range you get the buff, move away and you lose it..

...the actual buffs could use some tweaking but was thinking things like... (just throwing it out there off the top of my head..)
Primal.. gives tactical advantage.. rangers/druids/bards know the terrain... primal displacement bonus, sneak attack bonus.., bonus to reflex saves.. and something for divines/arcanes...
Divine.. healers have your back.. boost healing amp, HP regen aura, bonus to will saves
Arcane.. magic is in the air.. arcane defences (arcanes understand the enemy's magical attacks) +MRR , +1 stacking spell resistance/caster level.. and something to benefit primal/divines
Melee.. +PRR, bonus to fortitude saves, -10% spell point cost (casters can focus more efficiently)
(only dominant class provides aura buff for those multi-class types)..

Stars aligned buff when all 4 spheres overlap to give an additional bonus..
Stars aligned .. all aura's overlapped.. +2 to all stats and skills and 10% hit/damage,spell power,Ki , mana regen while all are in the aura.. duration effect like paladin aura..
...sure you can run off and do your own thing.. but you are better empowered when within range of the diversified group, moreso if everyone is together...

01-10-2017, 08:05 AM
Feather Fall on items has no scaling value..

~Level 30 Feather falling effect is the same as level 1 feather falling... unfortuantely at higher levels trurmping other possible effects that could be useful for basically a swap-in item effect..
add something to the FF that gives it value as it scales to higher levels(Epic/Legendary)
.. longer hangtime, better drift..+1 Tumble/move silently per level of item.. walking on air, crates no tremors when walking.. so no aggro for spiders/elementals..
.. something... to give value to a level 1 effect appearing on higher level gear..

01-10-2017, 11:05 PM
This is a game with a steep learning curve and lots of complexities..
In my opinion DDO has a weak introduction for new players that do not have a D&D background.
a pre-starter introduction to the fundamentals of the game would benefit these new players.

This is so very true. I wonder what the numbers are regarding game choice, longevity in game and other such things broken down by whether or not the person knew the PnP D&D.

01-17-2017, 06:54 PM
I would like to see more dragons and more variations of dragons such as: Hydra, Wyvern, Drake, Basilisk and Couatl.

I would also like to see more variations of undead monsters, such as the Mohrg, Revenant, Banshee, Poltergeist, Vision, Nightwalker, Shadow Dragon, Blood Draco (vampire dragon), and Druj.