View Full Version : 16/4 Fighter/Rogue Kensai/Mech with Great XBow1st/SWF Khop 2nd, Harper Int to-dmg

09-02-2016, 12:56 AM
Getting bored trying to play an old barb I rolled up, so I decided to try my hand at rolling a toon that can deal respectable DPS at range, but can also deal good damage in melee as well with Cleaves+Khop. Also has trap skills and full UMD. Want to have some idea of viability of this build; I haven't seen other builds trying to split the difference on ranged and melee, but this seems like the best shot. Never built a ranged fighter/rogue before, so I want to know what I'm getting into.

Toon is a 34 pt. Human.

Feats would be:

Ranged: PBS, Rapid Shot, Rapid reload, Precise shots 2x, IC.

Melee: Khopesh, SWF 3x, PA, Cleaves 2x, IC.

General: Insightful reflexes, Precision.

That still leaves 2 heroic feats; not sure what else to get there. Probably Weapon focus/specializations, or maybe Orien Dragonmark for convenience. Haven't thought about epics; might just heroic reincarnate at 20.

Enhancements would be Harpers for Int hit/dmg and KtA, Kensei 5 and Mech 4.

Starting stats would be 12 STR/15 DEX/14 CON/18 INT/8 WIS/8 CHA, with tomes to STR and DEX for feat pre-reqs. Levels in INT.

What are your thoughts, ideas, and critiques?