View Full Version : Add another tier to TOEE crafting

07-26-2016, 05:37 PM
Personally I find TOEE to be a very enjoyable quest. I've found there seems to be a small subset of peeps that similarly enjoys the quest (ie joining TOEE1 and TOEE2 lfm's repeatedly over the course of several weeks). It's kind of a unique quest: diablo-like, a kill-fest, remnant-farm are some ways it has been described by my fellow TOOE-delvers.

I would love to see a 3rd tier added to the weapons crafting (or 4th tier if u count mythic upgrade as a tier). It doesn't even need to be anything super fantastic. Even just increasing the modifier by +2 and adding some base elemental damage of the appropriate type would be welcome. It could even be super-costly relative to the first two tiers. Those that say the current TOEE weapons are meh and not worth the current grind (they are probably right) or the quest is a slog-fest or too long or whatever aren't going to run the quest in any event. Those like myself who love the quest will continue to run it and will actually have something to do with the hundreds of extra rusty gill, parasol, or other strange mushrooms we inevitably pick up.

And TOEE weapons should be slightly stronger, at least with respect to dealing the elemental damage type they specialize in. That should be their niche - doing maximum damage to a mob of the opposing element type. Currently the weapons really do about the same damage regardless of the mob because the elemental damage component doesn't seem super huge. Even the vulnerability aspect (up to 20% against the particular element) is still meh. Upgrade the weapons with more elemental damage and increase the max. elemental vulnerability to eg. 35-50% and maybe you might have a niche weapon that's "worth the grind". Although, for me, it isn't really a grind since I like the quest and it's a more fun method of gaining epic past-life xp than a million runs of wizking, spies, and von3.