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07-16-2016, 10:03 PM
I had an alt I was bored with and was really drawn to EIN after a streak of weak round 4s in Legendary Shroud EH Random LFM Group. I rarely see EIN any more, but after seeing it clear the gnolls in part IV I became a fan.

Since there isn't much LE Shroud raiding on Sarlona I decided to set my goals for this character as follows:

- Able to EIN crystal in Part II of LH Shroud
- Able to EIN gnolls in Part IV of LH Shroud
- Able to solo LE quests - not concerned about speed of clearing dungeon
- Effective EIN in other EE and LE raids - not concerned if it doesn't work in well in LE Shroud or is only useful in some percentage of the raids.

I did get some feedback on EIN and didn't even bother testing LE shroud since someone else already did that. It sounds like EIN is a non-starter in LE shroud:


This character has some heroic, iconic and epic past lifes, but not even close to completionist.

Since this build is a work-in-process I won't list everything, but just a few key ideas looking for ideas/suggestions on how to make it a little better.

I decided on 18 fighter /2 monk split after also giving some consideration to 18 fighter / 1 monk / 1 fvs but trying to fit in int and charisma gear would be problematic so I opted for the more conventional 2 monk splash.

I started with 16 str, 14 int, 14 dex, 15 wis, 14 con on a 36 point build. I rarely make a character without maxing out the main stat, but 2-3 doesn't make much of a difference when power surge is giving me +8 to all stats so I felt I could go with 14-16 in 5 stats rather than giving up 6 pts to max out a stat. I did put all my level ups to Wisdom, although you should base that on your tomes.

I do have store tomes on this character and it's necessary to have at least a +3 dex tome for the two weapon fighting line. Beyond that I don't think there is any other restrictions, although it's possible I missed something. This build uses DC for Everything is Nothing, Dire Charge and Stunning Blow so tomes aren't a bad idea if you can find them or can afford to buy them from the store. If not, you can get a good enough EIN for EH Shroud. Store purchases extend the life of the game so if you can afford tomes, I would recommend buying those.

I tried to splash some burst range dps on this character, but am on the fence about it. I could do alot with the 6 feats currently set aside for bow use, but at the same time I do like having the option to burst with a manyshot and to avoid being close up with enemies that have a high probability of killing me.

Leveling Order: 1 Fighter, 2-3 monk, 4- 20 fighter - the order matters quite a bit to take certain feats early.

Current Feats
1: Weapon Focus Slashing
1 Human: Insightful Reflexes
1 Fighter-1: Khopesh Proficiency
2 Monk-1: Zen Archery
3: Precision
3 Monk-2: Two Weapon Fighting
4 Fighter-2: Point Blank Shot
6 Fighter-4: Weapon Specialization Slashing
8 Fighter-6: Rapid Shot
10 Fighter-8: Weaoon Focus Ranged
12 Fighter 10: Manyshot
12: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
14 Fighter 12: Improved Critical Slashing
15: Master of Forms
16 Fighter 14: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
18 Fighter 16: Tactical Mastery
18: Grandmaster of Forms
20 Fighter 18: Tactical Supremacy
21: Overwhelming Critical
24: Bow Strength
26: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
27: Blinding Speed
28: Silver Strikes (depending on gear may not be needed)
29: Dire Charge
30: Greater Weapon Specialization Slashing
30: Scion of Arborea

Current Gear (not optimal - the new Cannith Crafting could help alot)
Goggles: Wisdom 12 Ins Intellegence +6 (Dex +8 slotted)
Hat: Int 14 Stunning 16
Necklace: Epic Pendant of Quiet Movements (Draconic Soul Gem slotted)
Trinket: Epic Littany of the Dead (Protection +8 slotted, other augment locked still)
Cloak: Mysterious Cloak (Imperial Globe slotted and festive wisdom +2)
Belt: Legendary Animated Rope (Natural Armor +8 slotted)
Ring 1: Legendary Ring of Prowess (nothing slotted yet)
Gloves: Strength 15 Healing Amp 56 (Concentration +15 slotted)
Legendadry Knife Toed Boots (Resistance +8 slotted)
Ring 2: Spell Points +297 False Life +51 Insightful Con +6
Bracers: Deathblock, Insightful Physical sheltering +15, Insightful Strength +6
Armor: Outfit of the Celestial Avenger (Good Luck +2 slotted and one slot blank)
Weapon 1: Epic Bleeding Edge (Devotion 138 and Ruby of the Vampire Slayer slotted) with +4 mythic bonus
I have a few other epic bleeding edges with +4 mythic bonsues with other augments for other purposes
Weapon 2: LGS con +15, Ins Wis +7, Good Blast - Legendary Mineral for DR Breaking

Grandmaster of Flowers Destiny
Wisdom x 4
Lily Petal
Enlightenment x3
A Dance of Flowers x3
Orchid Blossom
Standing with Stone 2 of 3 tiers
Drifting Lotus
Perfection of Soul x3
Everything is Nothing

Sense Weakness
Acute Insticts
Extra Action Boost
Rejuvenation Cocoon

Enhancement Spend
Human: 12 AP for damage boost, attack boost, str, wis, str action boost, wis action boost
Kensai: 33 pts for 5 cores, keen edge, one with the blade
Stalwart Defender: 6 pts for 25 PRR
Vanguard: 8AP for damage boost
Harper: 8AP for KTA
Shintao: 13AP for Deft strikes x3 and Iron skin x3

My Wisdom with Power Surge (and +3 from human) is 72 with a +6 tome. That nearly everything in EH Shroud (not sure if saves are made beyond a 20 or not - but if so it's not many), but unfortunately I had nothing but first rounders so couldn't verify the gnolls, but the link above would indicate 70 wisdom is more than enough.

If you don't have a wisdom tome you should be able to compensate for that by switching to water stance (just for EIN) and using the +4 quality wisdom cloak. I didn't use either. for me this worked great that I didn't have to switch gear and stances and it still worked.

At some point I am interested in maxing my wisdom, gear and choices out and seeing how it does in LE shroud with a max wisdom (excluding completionist which I don't have).

Racial Choice
I think human wins out easy over deep gnome because you don't take a strength or load penalty and the action surges give you the exact same potential for wisdom as deep gnome. With power surge you will always be getting that action surge when you really need it.

I am happy with the results in LH Shroud. This character is suprisingly durable getting 25 PRR from defense stance and 45 from earth stance (monk enh, earth stance and grandmaster of flowers) although I am only taking 40 of that.

This character was able to solo the new LE chain without dying. Managing aggro is important and it's not the fastest clearer with TWF, but it does the job. I haven't tried this character in LE tempest spine or any EE raids yet.

DPS is solid. The only time I noticed a problem is when an enemy was displaced because I forgot about true seeing. I will be getting scrolls for that.

Although Grandmaster of Flowers is considered to be an extremely weak destiny, I found the extra 1.5 weapon damage from a dance of flowers and the extra crit multiplier from earth stance were quite nice on top of the kensai crit bonuses and situational one-cut. I acknowledge the dps won't match LD, but I think the EIN utility in Shroud and other places makes it a fun and interesting option.

Quick Notes
This character was already a level 20 fighter and I used a lesser to add the monk levels and respec. So unfortunately I have no insights on how this build would work as a leveling build. I suspect it will operate like any other fighter at heroic levels. For epic leveling LD is an option, but with recent stat inflation EIN is going to be a powerhouse in epic leveling content - although with a 5-minute timer you have to pick your spots.

While I am not currently trying to make this character work in LE shroud, I might give it a whirl at some point for fun. It's not too hard to test it solo in Part I.