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07-14-2016, 04:19 AM
I built a list of 40 chat aliases that give useful information through commands in chat like:

Raid completions
XP cap and Quests by level
Shadow Crypt instance paths
The Pit wheels

DISCLAIMER: this is intended for "veterans", people who have some amount of knowledge about the game and the chat system in particular. Having seen an XML file before also helps understanding this guide.

This is what it looks like in game:


The aliases :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

<Version Value="1.0"/>

<Alias String=";q" Value="/quest"/>
<Alias String=";qc" Value="/quest completions"/>
<Alias String=";r" Value="/ransack"/>
<Alias String=";rc" Value="/raid completions"/>

<Alias String=";outp" Value="/1" />

<Alias String=";2" Value=";outp cap 224 - lvl 2 quests: harbor miserys mia sunk" />
<Alias String=";3" Value=";outp cap 320 - lvl 3 quests: swip redf cata ww tr ka ceru stk" />
<Alias String=";4" Value=";outp cap 450 - lvl 4 quests: sharn ires fresh da depths stk tr ww rest proof" />
<Alias String=";5" Value=";outp cap 610 - lvl 5 quests: carni necro1 depths stk tr archer dele 3bc K" />
<Alias String=";6" Value=";outp cap 800 - lvl 6 quests: valak 3bc K J P D bloody tr greym chrono " />
<Alias String=";7" Value=";outp cap 1.02 - lvl 7 quests: toee senti P J K 3bc tr dele greym" />
<Alias String=";8" Value=";outp cap 1.26 - lvl 8 quests: co6 spies J D K von12 dele P necro2 threnal" />
<Alias String=";9" Value=";outp cap 1.52 - lvl 9 quests: threnal von34 P shadow co6 redf keeper" />
<Alias String=";10" Value=";outp cap 1.80 - lvl 10 quests: sands ts atar von hips threnal co6 restl" />
<Alias String=";11" Value=";outp cap 2.10 - lvl 11 quests: sands delera necro3 P J K" />
<Alias String=";12" Value=";outp cap 2.42 - lvl 12 quests: asr1 sands cursed inva relic " />
<Alias String=";13" Value=";outp cap 2.75 - lvl 13 quests: gh asr2 archon mired memoir" />
<Alias String=";14" Value=";outp cap 3.09 - lvl 14 quests: gh necro4 gambit" />
<Alias String=";15" Value=";outp cap 3.44 - lvl 15 quests: acid vale ES delir harbing search litany" />
<Alias String=";16" Value=";outp cap 3.80 - lvl 16 quests: vale wheloon lod mask" />
<Alias String=";17" Value=";outp lvl 17 quests: reign reavers druid goodint " />
<Alias String=";18" Value=";outp lvl 18 quests: highroad iq heartmad " />
<Alias String=";19" Value=";outp lvl 19 quests: stormh amrath C iq ES" />
<Alias String=";20" Value=";outp lvl 20 quests: carni senti dd" />
<Alias String=";21" Value=";outp 600 - lvl 21 quests: oob lod da redf ES1 spies von12 chrono" />
<Alias String=";22" Value=";outp 1.25 - lvl 22 quests: wizking cof adq dontdr es2 belly von3456" />
<Alias String=";23" Value=";outp 1.95 - lvl 23 quests: druid es3" />
<Alias String=";24" Value=";outp 2.70 - lvl 24 quests: highroad gh" />
<Alias String=";25" Value=";outp 3.50 - lvl 25 quests: 3bc" />
<Alias String=";26" Value=";outp 4.35 - lvl 26 quests: " />
<Alias String=";27" Value=";outp 5.25 - lvl 27 quests: " />
<Alias String=";28" Value=";outp 6.20 - lvl 28 quests: " />
<Alias String=";29" Value=";outp 7.20 - lvl 29 quests: " />
<Alias String=";30" Value=";outp 8.25 - lvl 30 quests: " />

<Alias String=";scred" Value=";outp (E)EEEESSNWN(DD)SESSW - (E)NNSEW - (W)WEWW" />
<Alias String=";scblue" Value=";outp (E)(DD)NWWWWNNNSSNWWEE - (E)SNSEE - (W)SEEE" />
<Alias String=";scgreen" Value=";outp (E)EEENNNNNNN(DD)WSWSEW - (E)WWNEW - (W)ENEW" />

<Alias String=";pit" Value=";outp blue sword(4) - red gun(4) - yellow double arrow(5) - green bell(2) - orange h(5) - purple arrow(3)" />




Save this in your layout folder ( C:\Users\DonaldTrump\Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online\ui\layouts\ ), either in your current layout file (just the part between <Aliases> and </Aliases>, included if you don't have them) or to a new layout file with the .layout extension (like info.layout).

Reload your current layout or load the new one with

/ui layout load name


To use this as is, you need a private channel set up, the name doesn't matter but it's preferable to pick something short for display reasons.
Create this private channel with

/joinchannel name
This channel should be personal so you don't send messages to other people when you use the aliases.

The output channel is configurable, you can change it directly in the file (here <Alias String=";outp" Value="/1" /> replace /1 by /a or whatever you want) or with the ingame command

/alias ;outp /a
for example, to broadcast in the advice channel. The most likely scenario is that you have more than one private channel and you want to change this to /2 or /3.


Aliases in DDO start with a semi-colon (; ). There is a maximum of 50 aliases.

In the above screenshot, I typed

To get the information about level 5 quests and the corresponding XP cap (assuming you're running Elite BB at level 7, that's level 9 minus 1xp), then wheel symbols and number of turns for the Security Center in The Pit, then the path for both 12 gear solo and 8 gear duo in Shadow Crypt (red instance).

List of aliases:
I omitted ;1 because there's only Korthos for level 1 quests. So it starts with ;2 for the list of level 2 quests and the cap when you're level 4, all the way to ;30.
;scred for Shadow Crypt (red)
;scblue for Shadow Crypt (blue)
;scgreen for Shadow Crypt (green)
;pit for The Pit (wheel turns in the Security Center after the first Furnace)
;q for Quest(Raid) timers
;qc for Quest (Raids and quest chains) completions
;rc for Raid completions
;r for Quest Ransack

The Epic levels don't follow the same pattern as Heroic levels: ;21 will show the xp needed for level 21, and level 21 quests (for the purpose of running them with Bravery Bonus (level+4) or Mysterious Remnant farming (level+2))

The quest and area names are abbreviated:
D, J, C, K, P = House Deneith, House Jorasco, Cannith, Kundarak, Phiarlan
da = Devil Assault
tr = Tangleroot
redf = Red Fens or Redfang
asr1 = Attack on Stormreach 1 (Diplomatic Impunity, Framework and Eyes of Stone)
iq = Inspired Quarter
hips = Hiding In Plain Sight
ires = Irestone Inlet
greym = Greymoon
co6 = Cult of the Six (follows the Greymoon chain)

When I'm level 15, I'll be running level 13 quests, so I'll type ;13 and it'll tell me what quests are available and the XP cap (which is relevant to me because I "bank" levels).

Note: this is the first version, some things may be inaccurate. There could be more information that can be added to this alias list but the limit of 50 aliases make it difficult to fit everything.