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07-12-2016, 07:14 PM
https://taplar.github.io/ddoplanner/d20Icon_192x192.pngDDO Planner

Repository: https://github.com/taplar/taplar-ddoplanner
Status: Heavy alpha stage.
Current Focus: Getting the layout working for smaller devices (minimum target 360x640) and making the site standards compliant for progressive web apps.

[2018-05-11] Got the site to be recognized as a web app and was able to "download" it as an app on my android device.

Don't worry about posting bug reports at this point. There's hardly anything there yet to be broken, :D

07-12-2016, 08:09 PM
All I see are "buttons" for Class, Enhancements, Feats, Spells, Summary. Clicking them does nothing.

Windows 10, Chrome.

07-13-2016, 10:45 AM
Neat! Best of luck getting this going.