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07-12-2016, 12:08 AM

We talk about Spell Selection for Clerics, Favored Souls, and Paladins this week with Damsel of DDO (http://damselsofddo.com/) & DDO Cocktail Hour (http://www.ddococktailhour.com/) Cohost Lessah and Axel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8L2y9m7q8NOYTOTbzeVnw)! We also take a look at the latest game and community news including the 2nd look at upcoming Cannith Crafting changes!

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Spell Selection: Clerics & Fvs - 1:49
Spell Selection: Paladins - 48:09
Game News - 1:00:53
Community News - 1:24:49
Lightning Post - 1:32:19
Closing - 1:37:53

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07-12-2016, 06:04 AM
Low to mid levels, I keep SP-based healing for mid-combat (with quicken) & for healing outside of combat instead of potions I'll use the strongest wand or scroll that I'm able to - remember, scrolls can be used 2 levels before the spell can be actually added to the spellbook, though will have a failure chance. With the wand & scroll use enhancement, healing yourself this way can also have more effect than an un-meta'ed version of the spell from memory too, especially at very low levels when you might not have as much spellpower.

Close wounds is an interesting little healing spell - not hugely powerful, but it's cheap and has a lightning fast casting speed & cooldown so can be good in low level heroics for throwing out emergency healing.

Find traps is still good for a proper divine since the insight bonus it grants scales with level, meaning combined with a good +search item you'll be able to get a search skill that's still pretty competitive with a proper trapper & let you find hidden doors etc. in some quests.

Turning undead can still be effective if you spec out a bit for it plus there's enhancements allowing it to do direct damage & for a sun elf, a paladin/cleric or a sun elf pally/cleric, you can stack those up to make a surprisingly effective AoE that'll at least damage if not outright destroy undead.

I'll often take remove disease & poison spells since they give the lingering 100% immunity for longer than potions, which can make life easier in certain content with mummies, trog stench, to prevent green dragon poison stacks building, etc.

Divine Power - As well as to-hit & attack speed, PRR & MRR are also based off BAB as well as armour type so it'll actually increase your defenses a little too, meaning it's become more valuable - though having the +str portion scale with caster level or just be a different bonus type would be an improvement that could be made.

Greater command is great for low will save mobs - brutes and archers, basically. Worth keeping around.

The only problem with UMDing greater restoration scrolls is if you need to use them on yourself, you can find yourself pretty much screwed if its more than only a couple since each neg is -2 to all skills. For use on yourself, try and get the shard trinket :)

Mass DW is the reason I like playing sun elves, since they get it as a racial enhancement - a sun elf paladin in particular is great as a secondary party healer since they can get 2 uses of rejuvenation, the mass DW/SR/Aid, greater restoration (via the KotC line to boost remove disease) & raises from stalwart defender. In epics, add in certain destiny abilities and they can be the main healer, with all the durability & melee dps from being a paladin.

The only problem with the Sunbolt freebie for FvS is that you're basically required to use an LR+x heart in order to get it - but presumably having that powerful a spell for free is a nice little reward for those who invest that.

The vampirism shard thing still works, but only IF you can get hold of the old, pre-augment version of the necklace of Vol, so yeah it'll be really nice to get access to that effect again.

07-22-2016, 10:10 PM
A few points on divine/cleric spells that you may not have touched on ... some of my points are for epic play rather than heroic.

Level 1

Bane is an enchantment spell, no SR, has a short cool down, and low SP cost, thus it is good for enchantment augmentation to spam AOE for -10 will saves.

Cause Fear on a will save will still cause a target to be shaken, thus it provides -2 to saves (increased DCs!)

Level 2

Close Wounds has a free quicken feat on it, while low healing, on a cleric specced for partial healing, it can heal upwards of 500hp in epics

Level 3

Prayer is an enchantment spell, no SR, thus it can also proc AOE enchantment augmentation, and it has automatic debuffs to mobs w/o saves (small, but still something)

Level 4

Holy Smite, Order's Wrath, Chaos Hammer, and Unholy Blight. They are have no SR, thus Holy Smite gives a 6 sec blindness and Order's Wrath gives 6 sec daze and their cooldowns are shorter than the actual duration of CC, thus you can continually CC mobs (depending on alignment) and not have to focus on buffing your ability to beat mob SR.

Poison still has the old school ability to be empowered, maximized, and heightened. In heroics, you can hit mobs for upwards of 60+ con damage. It even hits in epics, but is subject to epic ward discouragement.

Divine Power can be used as a PRR buff since divines (other than paladin) do not get full BAB, but by casting this spell you can boost your PRR by 15-30 depending on your armor. Its like an action boost that lasts much longer for some spell point cost (extend spell makes it last longer!)

Level 5

Break Enchantment can be cast to remove symbols with no check prior to a symbol being activated. It also clears clouds spells.

Level 8

Holy Aura is still not working correctly in that it affects allies and mobs. Also the immunity to enchantment or charm spells does not work against mobs that cast Symbol of Stunning.

Firestorm has infinite range if using the circle targeting mechanism.

Just a few thoughts on cleric/fvs spells.