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06-28-2016, 12:03 AM

Damsel of DDO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkFpONGhm0M) Mythery & new guest Benton join Patrick for a discussion on spell selection for Sorcerers, Wizards, & Warlocks! We talk about our favorite must have spells at each level and also some situational uses before looking at the latest game and community news in DDO!

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Spell Selection: Sorcerers, Wizards & Warlocks - 1:48
Game News - 49:39
Community News - 1:04:39
Lightning Post - 1:16:15
Closing - 1:18:52

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06-28-2016, 05:07 AM
A few you didn't mention & extra comments etc:

The primary use for sonic blast that will keep you going into epics - busting breakables for bonus xp! For bards with the SLA & free metamagics, it can be a pretty tasty little staple though.

I'm surprised no-one mentioned master's touch - if in doubt, pick up a big axe & start smacking stuff around to save SPs at low levels.

Flaming sphere! Its a good decoy.

Stinking cloud; Nauseated is a great status effect (or horrible, if you get it on you), it will stop enemies from being able to do anything hostile since they're busy chundering & blaming each other, great for neutralising casters & archer types since its a fort save. Incidentally, if this was added to the craftable traps for rogues & arties it'd be awesome.

Dark discorporation for warlocks is nice, though best if you're enlightened spirit since they get displacement as an SLA, freeing up the spell slot - it's a load of great defence for turtling up while your aura does the work.

Create undead - the mummy has a paralysing fear aura, good as a secondary crowd control in the mid to high heroic levels.

Trap the soul - important note, warlocks use standard spell components for this :) This makes it much more accessible vs. for wiz/sorc, and as a will-based instakill (same as Hurl Through Hell), it's great for dealing with brute-type mobs. The 30HD limit is annoying in late game content but in heroics & early epics it rocks. Will also let you gather components for the adamantine ritual (farm earth ellies in taming the flames on heroic hard) to boost item durability, which can be particularly important if you have a staff user alt as those really tend to suffer from wear.

Disjunction - throw it out on those annoying spell wards to reduce their DCs, or even dispel them completely.

Incendiary Cloud - good damage over time, and the blindness is useful. Remember, blindness is instant death for Xoriat eyeballs, and unlike sleet storm, this one won't have a chance of negatively impacting the party.

Sunburst - great situational spell for oozes & undead and blinding enemies is never a bad thing.

Those flexible items from the next update look like they're going to work in a similar way to what's been described of the new cannith crafting system, so will presumably also act as an introduction to that while not needing so much investment & building up levels etc.