View Full Version : Crafting Hall, a real one

06-15-2016, 09:47 AM
This idea can give few good things to game - good plat sink, a way to siphon out duped ingredients, give an incentive to run more quests with bigger groups, give us a convenient place for crafting.

Plat sink:
-the hall itself would require some sum of platinum to be opened 1st time payed by whole server (that sum would have to depend on playerbase numbers ofc), similar like whole guilds are paying for ships, it doesn't matter who pays, as long as money is good. after that it would require monthly plat fee, it would be few times smaller than starting cost ofc, for example 50 millions at start and 10-20 millions per month.
*as an incentive to give our money for this, there could be a banner with name of player who contributed most in each month and 2nd banner for name of guild which contributed most.

Siphoning duped ingredients and incentive to run more quests:
-the hall would have a room for every crafting that is in game, from eldritch crafting, through sora katra weapons and gianthold armors to legendary green steel. each room would require starting and maintenance fee like the hall itself, but it would be payed with crafting ingredients (great way to use up hundreads of duped dragon scales and phlogistons).
*after duped ingredients are used up, people whould have to run raids with groups as big as possible to keep the hall running.

For this to work it would have to be convenient enough to use it more than our crafting halls on ships, that's why it should have all of crafting types available, it would need to be linked to stormreach teleport system, to both hall of heroes, to teleport spell and it should have an entrance to guild ships. Also all rooms should be close to each other, we all hate long runs between places outside quests. Each room could also have a mailbox, banker and an auctioner, maybe also a general vendor. Also all crafting types should be available to everyone, with or without corresponding adventure pack, limiting people with bound ingredients is enough.