View Full Version : 6/14/2016 In-Game Store Subscriptions

06-14-2016, 03:18 PM
PayPal -Existing Subscriptions only: may take 24-72 hours for player's tokens to be updated with PayPal and they MIGHT experience some issues. This does not affect players signing up for a subscription for the first time.

PayPal- Upgrading to VIP, the confirmation page says "Turbine Points" rather than a subscription name.

VIP Point Grant - some users may not receive their monthly stipend. We're working on resolving this.

VIP Point Grant - Lifetime subscriptions may receive a different date than they have in the past. They will still receive points every month.

VIP Upgrade - when signing up for a new subscription, to get all the benefits, a user has to log completely out of the game, and log back in.

Payment Methods - removing a payment method mid subscription puts you in a "pending cancellation" state. You cannot re-link a payment method.