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05-23-2016, 06:40 AM
I have troubles with my Epic Sorcerer, currently level 22. He is a drow Fire Sorcerer, with 2 Fvs levels
On his second life (first life was wizard), no Epic PastLife.
Worse, he has to develop his ED, so don't count too much on ED power, except from low level twists.
I often play solo because there aren't lot of lfg when i play, but i join group when it is possible. I play on EH

I would like some advises for my Epic Sorcerer. Especially on the following points of interest

1) Offense

In Heroic, my spells and SLA were great, but in Epic, monster have more and more HP, so it is less and less effective
Also my charm & finger of death start to be resisted often.
Worse, sometimes i don't even break SR on drow (but i have soon finished Motu so SR will be less a problem)

Wich spells do you advise to use in Epic (currenlty cycling between fire SLA, firewall, scorching ray. Or force & elec spell for fire immune monsters)

2) Defense

Currently wearing shield (i have the shield feat line) + blue dragonplate (ml14). Even with some spell failure, it give me decent PRR
Thanks to Cocoon i can now heal myself (and healing spring helps too)
Casting displacement for big fights helps a lot
Only drawback : 440 hp at level 22, not a lot, so lucky critical bring me down quickly

3) Epic Gear

Currently, i have epic Cloak of flame and epic bracers of air. I have some commendations so i could buy some Motu Items
Wich gear should i try to acquire

The goal is not to be optimal, but to be able to level up to 30 (Then i will either ETR back to 20 and redo 20-30 then ETR+TR), or ETR+TR directly
Any general advises for epic arcane spellcaster are welcome

05-23-2016, 11:15 AM
Since you're having problems getting past enemy saves, what are your DCs? I don't see a lot of build info, so here is how I would've built a Sorc 18: Drow, CHA 20, CON 14, rest wherever.

So at level 22, not counting destinies, Charisma would be:
20 Base
02 Favour tome
05 Levelup
04 Enhancements (I would have two more from the racial tree)
02 Ship buff
01 Exceptional augment (possibly out of your reach if you don't raid, but they can be purchased from other players)
08 Lootgen item (possibly goes higher than eight at level 22)
03 Insightful (MotU robes (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Spidersilk_Robes), or possibly new lootgen)
45, mod = 17. +1 if using Yugo pots.

DCs would be, not counting destinies:
19 Heighten
17 Charisma mod
04 Lootgen item (might be higher)
02 Insightful Lootgen (might be higher)
01 Wizard past life
01 Ship buff
44, +1 from Yugo. Add more if you took additional feats.

This is your low-hanging fruit (I'm sure someone will point out stuff I forgot); consider slotting some of these if you're missing them.

To deal with SR enemies, I would tend to use Web and a persistent AoE (I favour Firewall and the underused Cloudkill). Note that exploding spells, such as Fireball, will destroy Webs, so they may not work well against groups with a caster.

Are you aware metamagics are free on SLAs? Right-click on the SLA on your hotbar and turn everything on.

Do you have a way to regenerate SP? It looks like you took two FvS for this purpose. If you don't mind farming out a Torc or heroic Concordant Opposition Green Steel item, those help fill your SP bar. If soloing, you can also grab hirelings with Divine Vitality, DDoor back to the start and have them fill you up. Dismiss and DDoor again when you're empty.


You can stack a -5 Reflex penalty using Solid Fog to help land your DPS spells. Remember also that you can cast Waves of Exhaustion to both lower enemy movement speed and Reflex (this spell can be cast from a scroll to save SP, but it has a Spell Pen check).
You can cast unheightened Hypno to temporarily debuff Will saves to help land Enchantment spells. Crushing Despair does the same sort of thing. Both can be scrolled.
If enemy Fort saves are too high, you can prep by using Necrotic Ray or Enervation (available on scrolls). This drains levels and thus lowers their saves. Follow up with a Finger and see if that puts you into an effective DC range.

You said you had decent PRR, but didn't say how much. Are you wearing an item that specifically gives PRR/MRR, like the Guardian's Ring? The new lootgen also has a Defensive prefix that grants PRR/MRR. These should stack with your armour/shield. On a Sorc, Improved Shield in the Eldritch Knight tree also gives you some PRR. You're wearing heavy armour? Did you take the proficiency feat? Consider dropping down to medium or lighter; your BAB on a Sorc isn't that great and on lighter armour you can fit in more Dodge.

As for gear, the Purple Dragon Gauntlets from commendation turn-ins is an easy buy. Healing Amp and extra Con will help.

05-23-2016, 12:22 PM
Assuming the 2 levels of FvS is for the proc of Spell Points.

Things you need to look at:

One your DCs: This is more than just your Charisma Modifier but also Gear - Evocation
Next is your Spell Power: On your character sheet there is an icon you can hover over and see all the different types with Spell Power, Critical Multiplier and Critical Chance (look to maximize this)

The shield is fine for extra PRR/MRR defense but my question is what contribution is it also making to your ability to cast spells - these can have spell power or DC bonus.

The next thing is to realize when your spells are not effective and stop throwing SP at a lost cause (High Reflex with Evasion)

Alternate spells - FOD, charms are limited in Epics. Holds and stuns are more effective. Don't discount the effectiveness of Greater Shout, or Webs.

Since SLA's can be cast with Meta's without adding additional cost use the right click on the hotbar and make sure these are always set on.

Also, I know this may sound like blasphemy but having all the metas turned on all the time is not always the best approach. 1) If the Spell is Heightened and still doing only Half Damage you are paying extra you don't need to pay 2) Use of large DPS when a low cost spell will cover the damage needed 3) using AoE damage spells when a lower cost single target spell is needed.

The trick is to have multiple versions of your spells on the hotbars with different Meta's set up so you can use the right amount of SP for the right amount of damage.

05-24-2016, 03:10 AM
Thank you for the responses

Regarding Charisma, i am at 42, so i could improve it
I will try to get an itme with Insight bonus.
I also think my gear give only +6 and not yet the +8 (need to check)

For the DC
1) i don't have the heighten feat.
2) And no item to increase my DC. I guess this will be my priority
Currenlty, my saves are at 30+level, seems low

Sp is not really a problem, between my SP pool, the FVS enhancement and my GS Item, i have enough SP
Metamagics are always on for my SLAs

For PRR, i don't remember the exact number, but armor+Shield+shield Feat+guardian ring+EK enhancement give something decent
Yes, i wear heavy armor and heavy shield. ASF for shield is 0%, for armor it is still 5 or 10% i think. (Crafted mithril shield)
I think i will probably change armor, regaining 1 feat and probably some enhancement points

Thanks for the tip about spells.
I will probably replace charm spells by hold spells
And will look at some debuff spells
And i will have a look at auction house for cheap lootgen itmes, i need epic caster gear :-)