View Full Version : Heroes of Hommlet Sunday April 24th raiding party

04-22-2016, 03:35 PM
Heroes of Hommlet will be hosting a raiding party this Sunday April 24th at 19:00 GMT (2pm EST / 11am PST).

There will be 4 guildmates running various epic raids. We plan on raiding for 4-5hrs. Difficulty will be dependent on party size and makeup.

All are welcome.

Hope to see some familiar faces.


04-24-2016, 08:31 PM
Thanks to all for joining our raid party. It was a lot of fun.

In total we played for 5 hours.

We started off with Legendary Tempest Spine (LN) with 5 players to allow more people to join as the raid progressed (since the raid doesn't lock). By the time we got to the end boss, we had around 10 players.

Next up was Legendary HoX (LH). 1st attempt was so close but go overwhelmed by the large beholders. The 2nd attempt was much smoother as people learned their roles. For whatever reason, there was a lag spike right after killing the boss dog.

Onto Thunderholme. Fire on the Thunderpeaks (EH) with almost full party. There was severe lag fighting the dragons prior to spawning the big Rock elementals. Then smaller lag afterwards until completion.

Edit: also major lag right after destroying the Stone Meridian.

After experiencing that severe lag, we tried Deathwyrm (EN). All was fine until we got to tanking the Dragon. It was crippling lag. And through shear luck we were able to destroy the Phylactery with that amount of lag. After destroying it, the lag subsided and we were able to complete the raid.

Next up was Defiler of the Just (EN). Lag was prominent at the gate in the room with the blades. And lag throughout. It especially hit us at the wrong time and we failed at preventing the reinforcement from coming. The 2nd time was much better and we were able to complete it. And 3 named items dropped as well. :)

Thanks again all for joining. We hope to hold monthly raiding runs in the future. See you all soon.