View Full Version : Bladeforged 20fvs (alt)

03-29-2016, 07:43 AM
My main is "completed" in having all pastlives done. So sitting with him at cap and waiting for more fun pastlives to do and that the raid lfms open up again on Khyber.

Meanwhile doing an alt.

Different this one, not caring about maximum of everything, more going for style and sticking to it no matter what developers boost next time.

Set in stone: Bladeforged, 20 favoured soul and tier 5 war cleric.

Goal: Be able solo any quest on eh and be able to help a group decent on le/ee.
Have fun!
Be a robot and drift away to Ebberon in my mind and not only min/max everything like i have done last years.
Spread the lore of the true god with my greatsword.

feats are: metas: quicken, empower heal
body: adamantine
war: thf*3, improved crit slash, overhelming crit, cleave, great cleave, power attack

with a devotion slotted i heal most fleshies to full, if they have any heal amp at all. Othervise i can always rez them fast and easy.

enhancements: war cleric: all cores and most that improves melee dps.
harper: up to t4, the things that improves melee dps- this tree is the thing that makes the build viable imho, enough things here to get ok dps :-) (ofc not like barb/pally/ranger etc)

(sadly cant afford much in bladeforged tree, when i have played around with harper and bladeforged tree harper are stronger is my feeling- warcleric is set to stone to be max core and t5- im a follower of the one true god and no charlatan)

items: here i struggle- any have a suggestion for items? Preferably 1 with gear wo raid items and 1 with. (hard backtoback 20 doj and motd in this lag)

Mid term plan: Play and have fun to 30, be at 30 some time, then epic to 20 and go for epic completionist.

Destinies not maxed out yet (but soon), will be divine crusader.

If any warforged/bladeforged souls/clerics have any suggestions for (nonraid) and (raid) items or other comments plz help out :-)