View Full Version : Legendary Elite HoX Strategy

02-27-2016, 12:37 AM

This is a Lava Divers of Khyber Legendary Elite Completion of Hound of Xoriat.

Xy'zzy was pulled into the eastern hallway (the longer one). This reduces teh points of entry from 4 (if just dead center) to 2. We used 2 dogs at a time. 1 team of the party continued to circuit the outer perimeter killing trash and bringing the dog charmer the stones. The other team parked on the outer edge of the eastern hallway. The Tank and charmer kept an eye out for trash coming from the center.

It worked really well. A little hiccup when a large spawn wiped the 2nd team, but we recovered and otherwise had little problems.

I like 2 dogs at a time because you dont have to worry about them aggroing on the 3rd dog (also why we didnt kill the 3rd dog that went outside til after charms were landed)

The killing party together keeps everyone alive and safe rather than getting to spread out. It keeps the trash mobs down in number and they brought me extra stones.

Its not the best perspective since I was at the center the whole time, but gives an idea of the strategy.