View Full Version : Wayfinder Population is noticably increased

02-08-2016, 11:36 AM
This past weekend, there were several new guilds formed in Wayfinder. While I haven't seen any forum posts by your leaders yet - welcome to Wayfinder, regardless. The overall population was significantly higher than in prior months and the trends are very positive for the server. The server count was approaching 200 at times, by my quick looks at the Social > Who tab.
For those newer to Wayfinder, there is a Raid chat channel you can subscribe to, to be informed when Raid groups are forming and starting. With our server's history and smaller population, this channel is a great asset for all guilds, because we've had to coordinate across guilds rather than isolate Raids within guilds.
To join the channel, type: /joinchannel wayfinderraids