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02-05-2016, 11:41 PM
So the background on this build is simple enough. I saw what Yeela and others were doing with the FvS enhancements and Force spells, and wanted a Sorc life.

What I noticed was that there was the same synergy for FvS and Fire as for FvS and Force.

When I started playing with the idea, I noticed that Divine Crusader had a similar bonus to fire magic in the form of Empyrean Magic.

I've just hit 30 on this build today and it is among the most entertaining builds I've ever played. Nuking entire rooms at once is just delicious fun, setting everything ablaze by filling a room with Firewalls and Incendiary cloud to watch a boss stack up 20 Burning damage while you throw fireballs for thousands of damage each makes you feel like a true hero.

There's actually a huge amount of flexibility in this build. You don't have to take the same feats, the same number of FvS levels, race etc. to make it work. It even works just fine as an MM spamming Shiradi.

The way I've done it is as follows:

Half-Elf Sorcerer

Starting Stats:
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 18 (all level ups in CHA)

Right off the bat you can see that there's a full investment in CON and CHA. For a 32 Point version just drop CON to 16 and raise DEX to 8. Eventually I squeezed Force of Personality in, so you don't have to stress over Wisdom.

Sorc 1. Maximize (HElf) Paladin Dilletante
Sorc 2.
Sorc 3. Empower (Your SLA's now hit like a truck)
Sorc 4.
Sorc 5.
Sorc 6. Quicken (You just picked up Fireball and started to throw around a ton of damage at range. Go you!)
FvS 7. Favored of ... (whatever you want. I went Silver Flame because reasons. Go with your gut.)
FvS 8.
Sorc 9. Past Life Wizard (Or Spell Focus Evocation if you don't have it)
Sorc 10.
Sorc 11.
Sorc 12. Heighten (reset all enhancements and take up the glorious Fireball SLA)
Sorc 13.
Sorc 14.
Sorc 15. Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus
Sorc 16.
Sorc 17.
Sorc 18. Greater Spell Focus/Force of Personality
FvS 19.
FvS 20.
21. Epic Spell Focus Evocation
24. Master of Fire
26. Epic Spell Power: Fire
27. Intensify Spell
28. Hellball
29. Arcane Pulse
30. Force of Personality/Epic Damage Reduction
30. Scion of the Plane of Fire


Fire Savant (42 AP)

- Core 1, 2, 3, 4
1. Burning Hands (3/3), Spell Crit Fire (1/1), Conflagration (3/3), One with the Inferno (3/3)
2. Pierce Fire Resistance (2/3), Spell Crit Fire (1/1), Fanning the Flames (3/3)
3. Spell Crit Fire (1/1), Charisma (1/1)
4. Scorch (3/3), Spell Crit Fire (1/1), Charisma (1/1)
5. Fireball 3/3, Awaken Elemental Weakness (1/1), Evocation Focus (1/1)

Angel of Vengeance (26 AP)

- Core 1
1. Scourge (3/3), Smiting (1/1), Angelic Resistance (3/3)
2. Just Reward (3/3), Efficient Quicken (1/3), Smiting (1/1)
3. Smiting (1/1), Charisma (1/1)
4. Smiting (1/1), Charisma (1/1), Intense Faith (2/3)

Eldritch Knight (8 AP)

- Core 1, 2 (pick an element. Probably *should* take cold to whack elementals, but there's kind of a theme here so I went fire)
1. Toughness (3/3), Battlemage (1/3)
2. Light Armour Proficiency (1/1)

Half Elf

- Core 1
1. Arcane Fluidity (3/3)

Just Reward and Fanning the Flames combine with you SLAs to give you frankly absurd SP efficiency. Once you have the Fireball SLA you can easily afford to add the Fireball Spell to your hot bar as well (with all the metamagic) just for the sake of having another cooldown to work with. I frequently run even very long quests with under 1000SP used *unless* I have to face Fire Immune foes.

The EK and Helf trees combine to give -25% spell failure sufficient to wear the Medium Armor which FvS made you proficient with. You can also sometimes wear a small shield. This nets you a huge increase in survivability and should be your second priority.

Crit enhancements come next, with a total of 16% extra fire spell crit available you can easily hit 50% crit rate with fire spells with Empyrean Magic.

Main Destiny: Draconic Incarnation

Draconic Incarnation gives you one really huge advantage. Every core ability nets you a boost to caster level. That means you will easily hit the 20 needed to fill out Delayed Blast Fireball and your SLAs (with Master of Fire)


Empyrean Magic (3/3) - The big scary. 10% crit boost that is very easy to maintain and set up with Scorching Ray
Evocation Specialist (3/3) - The debuff to saves is very easy to apply with a quick Scorching Ray/Chain Missiles and made even the EE WGU Shadar Kai Assassins start to fail saves against my Reflex spells. They still suck though.
Rejuvenation Cocoon (3/3)

Fourth Slot (I don't have it yet) would take on Cocoon and open up a slot for either Evocation Focus from the Magister tree or Fire Spellpower from Divine Crusader. Crazy People with ridiculous quantities of fate points might also consider one of the stances from Shiradi.

Gear is fairly interchangeable, beyond the basics you will want Combustion, Insightful Combustion and Fire Lore. Cloak of Flames is awe inspiring in Heroics, Crystalline Scepter helps in mid-Epic. Obviously you'd want to go Thunder-Forged or Legendary Green Steel for these once you get to running Legendary Elite content.

The Legendary Medium armors from LHoX and LTS are amazing, I've currently got the Scalemail of the Celestial Sage and Celestial Oak, but most of my other gear is Loot Gen or end rewards. The Sage's Pendant and Spectacles from Wheloon and Storm Horns respectively are very convenient, leaving me with an insightful combustion scepter in my main hand.

I'm still wearing a lot of Heroic gear at 30 and having no problems keeping up in LH content, while breezing through EH to great amusement.

The purpose of this build isn't necessarily it's insane power (though the damage isn't to be sneezed at!) but the fact that it is an absolute pleasure to play. Your spells are AoE crowd smashers, you breathe fire on bosses and deal as much as 22 thousand fire damage while carving through everything around them. It's really fun.

Spells have a lot of flexibility. Take the Force spells, along with most of the fire stuff (you can skip Fire Trap and Flaming Sphere if you want). Protection from Evil and Remove Fear are two buffs from the FvS side that are fairly mediocre but have a decent duration, so take those two since you won't be wanting to continually recast every minute. Cure light wounds is surprisingly effective in Heroics with Max/Empower on it, though you'll still want some heal scrolls on hand.

Skills are mostly self-evident. Spellcraft, Concentration, dump the leftovers into UMD and Heal. You should have almost max Heal and max UMD by 20 if you've done it right. Focus on raising UMD on sorc levels and Heal on the FvS levels if but if in doubt (or lacking tomes) just take UMD.

02-06-2016, 01:14 AM
This looks really nice. Makes me wish that one of the Legendary raids wasn't ~100% immune to fire damage :(

02-06-2016, 06:18 AM
It's annoying. It also doesn't get to express itself very well against Velah. Or Fire on Thunder Peak. Or anything with devils in it really. HoX and Tempest it's incredible though, I was 28 and managed to have the majority of kills (an imperfect but occasionally useful measure) in both of those simply because my burst AoE took out all the trash.

Arcane Pulse is significant against those bosses, you still have decent force casting if you need it, so you're not a wasted spot.

Mostly I noticed that apart from the big hits from Energy Burst and Dragon Breath, the biggest difference when facing fire immune enemies is the SP cost. I'd easily spend a few hundred on every other part of a quest, and then two thousand spamming chain lightning, disintegrate, Eladar's and force stuff on just a few powerful Devils. The damage differential wasn't that huge with a quick gear swap but it's not as sustainable.