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01-23-2016, 04:43 PM
Heya DDO'ers,

So I had a couple requests for something like this come in so i'm going to ask for your help on it. I'm going to be adding a "Favorites" selector featuring pre-made setups for quick crafting. So what I'm asking for from the community is, what are your favorite heroic Green Steel builds? Simply put, link in a reply here what your favorite builds are. Please try and limit it to one weapon and one accessory, but you can post more than that if you would like to.

The end state of this is to have one favorite for each Tier 3 bonus for weapons and accessories. The actual weapon/equipment type doesn't really matter as that can be changed easily enough.

I plan on making this a live thing once I have a good portion of the T3 bonuses represented for each type.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone's favorites are!


P.S. If your item build is used I will contact you via PM for character and server name to accredit this favorite to on the site!

01-23-2016, 05:50 PM
Basic Lit 4 Longsword that I use for damage testing and plan on making for a future life. (http://ddocrafting.info/lgs/29/18/18/33/1/18/)

Earth 4 Concentration item for that Ki and HP. (http://ddocrafting.info/lgs/3/31/31/78/-1/6/)

01-24-2016, 11:46 AM
Weapon - MinII for breaking DR.
Weapon (offhand) - ConOp with STR +6 and WIS +6 and 2 tiers of Heal Amp, though depending on build this could be as all three tiers as Heal Amp.
Accessory - Smoke (perma Blur, stacking 45HP and Displace clicky!).
Weapon - Triple Positive for Undead.

Those are what I personally use.


PS - When I get home I'll update this post with the actual recipes if you need them OP.