View Full Version : Raid Runes Going Forward

01-09-2016, 09:26 PM
I've seen people wind up picking up some of the new items out of TS and Hound because nobody in the raid wanted to roll on them, so I was thinking it might be cool if there were a way to swap loot in the newer raids for what you actually want. Maybe have it be that you can swap item + 500 runes for another item instead of having to get 1250 runes together? It should be somewhat of a discount but not so big that nobody will ever let anyone else roll on items. I don't think you should be able to swap items directly for runes because those can be thrown over to another character and at that point nobody's going to pass gear any more.

Probably the way to set this up would be to let you swap the item for a Raid Token which would be BTC just like the item is, and then you can buy the various items with a Raid Token + X runes.

It's just a thought.