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01-06-2016, 03:05 PM
hello forum people.

well a little about my guild is that the name is based off of Skaven in the Warhammer universe. i figured i would say that for starters. we are a level 68 guild atm with the largest ship and all the buffs except the treasure hunter atm. anyways i thought it was time to look for some new faces and get to know them. this is a guild where its relaxed. currently 8 accounts. no kick you after 30 day bs. no 200+ account guild where your name means nothing. no you need to run with us rule 24/7 log in every day all day. none of that ****.

i made this guild because i'm tired of rules like that. i'm tired of there being so many people no one knows each other. they don't run with you or they don't care to talk to you. i would rather be a closer knit guild then anything. so this invitation is for people who are ok with that, new players, or returning players. if you want to guild hop or be an elitist move on. this is not the guild for you. we are all here for fun and relax.

a little bit about me. my forum date is also when i started the game. I've been playing for a very long time. i've logged so many hours i've lost count. i've logged over 2800hrs just on steam alone since it was released on that platform on june 25th 2012. i have countless more hours from oct 09 to 2012. i've played every type of toon and variations of some. i normally create my own or follow a build but modify it so i enjoy it. i have a triple heroic completionist toon and triple iconic. currently working on epic lives. numerous trs and first lifes i don't play atm. my styles vary depending on how i feel. so sometimes i zerg or flowersniff. sometimes use invisible. i play all difficulties. sometimes i do all ops, some ops or no ops. yet again depends on mood quest and who im with. i am a premium player who owns all of the content, races, classes and manuals. i can be helpful to people if they're willing to listen, adapt, pay attention. i do raid as well. i don't pvp in ddo. i see no point in it. so don't bother me with that.

If this guild sounds like something you would be interested in contact me on here or in game. my toons main toons are Janemba, Taebrythn, Fatbuu, Numor, and MehMeh.