View Full Version : favored soul warlock build help

12-31-2015, 12:22 AM
looking to get some help on getting a past life feat for favored soul.
was thinking of doing 8 lock 12 fvs any help would be appreciated.
this is the last life i need for completionist have +4 tomes in all stats except char which i have a +5
i have completed 3 arti lives 2 barb lives 2bard lives 1 druid 1 pally 3 ranger 1 rogue 1 sorc 2 warlock and 1 wiz lives
was planning on just running heroic levels but if i like it would stick it out for etrs.

12-31-2015, 02:17 AM
I humored the idea for a 14/6 a ways back for someone. Was a con based dwarf with high wisdom and some investment into dex and cha. Con to hit with high focus into force spell power, 2wf for off hand implement weapons/main hand being your focus (was built for a warhammer user, though axes work just as well). Blade barrier works decent for a good bit of damage in heroic, and though warlock made the lower levels easy, going into epic was less useful then desired. Overall I was not impressed with it when I saw it played in epic level, though not sure if it was the player who was running it or the idea itself.

Can think more on it when i have more time tomorrow, if no one posts any ideas prior to me getting the time to do so.

12-31-2015, 10:25 AM
The 12/8 split is what my main is currently running. Max cha, some con and int, lvlups in ch, all of the usual metamagics I took the AoV tree for spell crits and archon, tainted scholar for fiend pact damage and utter dark blast, rest in soul eater for the sla's/vulnerable. For ED so far I have just stayed in exalted angel. It plays a lot like the old nova soul build using mainly epic spells and twists for damage (soundburst, exalted light nuke, energy burst, and consecrated ground) using the Eldrich blasts to build vulnerable stacks on bosses@