View Full Version : fire & force sorc/fvs/pali -- 2 or 3 pali?

12-04-2015, 05:42 PM

I've done the 14 sorc/4 fvs/2 pali before on both human and WF. With the changes to divine grace I'm thinking of picking up an extra paladin level for more saves and then I could also take defender for 25 prr.

This would be a 14 sorc/3 fvs/3 paladin (need 14 sorc to get DB fireball.) Take adamantine body for some PRR and combine it with the defender enhancements. I have to give up T4 FvS which is 2% crits and +3 caster levels. Fire savant gives 4 CL so I would be at 18, the FvS T4 would let me get to 20 and max out DB FB.

With the reduction in PRR and loss of MRR from heavy armor, do you think it is worth going this route or just stick with 4 fvs/2 paladin?

p.s. this is not meant to be a final life, just a quick and fun way to get sorc and arcane sphere past lives.