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11-29-2015, 09:42 PM

Cordovan steps into the moderator seat as Propane, Antha & Patrick debate levels 16-24! We also cover the fantastic Black Friday sales, community news, and game news!

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DDO Debates: Levels 16-24
-What is the best quest?
-What quest should you avoid?
-What monster is most likely to kill you?
-What Adventure Pack is a must have?
-What piece of gear should you be looking for?
-What heroic weapon would you like to have as an epic version?
-Which bonus day is the most impactful on gameplay?
Game News
Community News
Lightning Post

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Erdrique: What Makes the Taken Unstable (https://erdrique.wordpress.com/2015/11/26/what-exactly-makes-a-taken-unstable/)
Axel: Legendary Feats (https://youtu.be/S3GuhB8_nEo)
Shady Rogues: Chamber of Insanity (https://youtu.be/sHXvt_alGcQ)

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11-30-2015, 10:02 AM
Best quest: I'd have to go fairly old-school & say stealer of souls, that was always a lot of fun back in the day

To avoid: sleeping dust, due to it's fail condition though it depends on the character i'm running - on a 2hander melee it's horrible, on an acid savant sorcerer it's full nukey blast time because who cares, they're acid immune! The fact you *can't* avoid it for shroud flagging just makes it more painful.

To kill me: the caster with the champion crown

must-have: vale of twilight

gear: depends too much on character type, though a lot of the commendation gear from eveningstar is great since it's practically guaranteed so long as you put the effort in to get the comms, and they're mostly very solid - the pdk gloves for healing amp are particularly nice, and the stout oak walking stick & oathblade are both really, really nice weapons.

heroic weapon as epic - i'd like shining devastation - the heroic one itself holds up really well at epic as it is, so an epic one would be great. Also phosphor, another one that holds up well at epics & would be great as an epic version, particularly nice for morninglords (missed a trick having braisingstar as a morningstar not a mace imo).

11-30-2015, 05:26 PM
Wow another jam packed show!

Heads up people, you should give it a listen for the details on Cannith Crafting (update)!

Also, the Pale Green Ioun Stone drops in Shadow of a Doubt (http://ddowiki.com/page/Shadow_of_a_Doubt) and you need the expansion to run that quest. I have it down to exactly 4 mins. from start to finish. The Pale Green Ioun Stone drops in the end chest along with a chance for Assassin Initiate's Leathers and Nightsinger's Mantle.

Today is the last day of the DDO Market sale for these which includes Shadow of a Doubt.

Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download $7.50
Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Standard Edition - Digital Download $4.50


I would have nominated Zuggtmoy (aka Zuggs) for the baddie hurt part. The debate was great as well.

Can't wait to get in-game.