View Full Version : Incantatrix Tree Possible?

11-27-2015, 02:04 AM
I know Acolyte of the Skin was supposed to be a tree, but I think Incantatrix could work better. For those who aren't familiar with 3.5 (really 3.0 I think but many used it in 3.5) pnp:

Incantatrix: "The incantatrixes are the practitioners of metamagic in Faerûn, studying spells that affect other spells and having a fondness for magic that thwarts extraplanar beings."

Some ideas that could be leveraged:

*abilities that improve upon metamagic feats (increasing sp efficiency, increasing effectiveness, additional effects like adding spell pen to heighten or something)
*abilities that grant new metamagics (old ones or new ones like twin spell, persistent spell, etc)
*drain item (a method for healing / self efficiency)
*hardy spirit (immunity to death effects and energy drain) - could do additional hardy effects like hardy body/hardy spirit/hardy mind
*spell focus: pick a school (tier 5 so you can't get both evocation from savant and this - allow any school despite abjuration being the clear case from a pnp lore pov)

IMO: sorcerers need a tree that's focused on dc casting / generalist magic that helps with spell point efficiency - I think incantatrix could be a cool way to do so. Note that modifications from the book material would absolutely be needed (some of which i've already suggested) but this has been done before: see tainted scholar, soul eater, pale master, etc.