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11-03-2015, 03:24 PM
So, I've been thinking about what'd be useful for a spell pass that should probably be forthcoming after fighters and monks get fixed up.

Firstly, I don't think it's necessary to increase the amount of DAMAGE that spellcasters can do. I think it'd be most useful to apply some fixes to their spell point efficiency. And I'm not talking "more SLA's". The idea is that you should be able to play efficiently or just go crazy and burn all your SP at once in a glorious orgy of destruction when you feel like it. This ability actually distinguishes other casters from Warlocks, who don't have SP limitations for their damaging abilities but conversely shouldn't be able to RAMP UP that damage, either.

Change Maximize and Empower Spell to have different costs based on whether the spell is single-target, AOE, or persistent AOE. Currently Maximize is +25 sp for all spells. I suggest changing this to +11 for single-target, +15 for AOE, and keeping +25 for persistent AOE. Empower is currently +15 for all spells. I suggest changing this to +8 for single-target, +11 for AOE, and +15 for persistent AOE. This will mean that if you have the full Efficient Metamagic available AND an efficient metamagic item, the feats will basically be free for single-target spells. It'll be a big saving in spell points and make casters a lot more efficient and flexible without having to rely so much on SLA's and epic destiny spells for everything.
This one is a bit more esoteric: consider adding some feats that work in a similar way to Archer's Focus so that when you stand still, you gradually build up stacking spellpower OR you build up stacks that decrease the cost of your spells (and are reset to zero when you cast). Or both. Or, additionally, an ability (which is probably capstone material, maybe sorcerer only) where every time you cast a spell and don't crit, you get a +1% chance to crit, until you do crit, then all the stacks are reset. This might be problematic--+crit when standing still might be better, because spells that have multiple hits currently count as multiple different casts, meaning that the number of checks initiated by this might be absurd. Or not, it might actually be negligible.
Make Melf's Acid Arrow and Burning Blood stackable DoT's. (not Creeping Cold, because it works differently--although creeping cold cast by different casters should stack, not override each other). In addition, allow the DoT's (Melf's, Burning Blood, Divine Punishment, Eladar's Electric Surge, Niac's Biting Cold) to stack up to 5 times instead of just 3. This is expensive--keeping a DoT running will burn up SP like nothing else--but it will also do a LOT of single-target damage.
Add some epic feats/epic destiny feats/items that apply secondary effects to certain spells. Not only will these be REALLY cool feats, it'll also help casters economize. Some super-generic suggestions (and I'd love to see more and better ones)

Fire spells apply a Fear effect (will save DC = spell DC).
Cold spells Slow the target (as above)
Electric spells can stun the target (fort save = spell DC)
Acid spells can apply a DoT effect
Negative spells apply a negative level
Light spells blind the target

to help casters ramp up damage when it counts, I'd suggest creating an Epic Maximize feat that adds, say, +250 spellpower but costs +25/+35/+50 spell points (on top of Maximize). Efficient Maximize doesn't apply.
I'd suggest making Empower Healing Spell also apply to negative and alignment damage. Maybe rename it to "Empower Planar Spell". Would help out divine casters a bit, especially clerics because with Efficient from Radiant Servant and an Efficient item it's only +2 sp/cast. That ain't bad.

I'd like to see school specialization for wizards--basically a feat that you pick at 1st level. This is probably going to be really complex to implement, though. My suggestion for specialization was this:

Universal (no bonus, no penalty)
Evocation focus: +1 spell slot per level that can only hold an evocation spell. Blocked schools: Abjuration and Illusion.
Necromancy Focus: +1 spell slot per level that can only hold a necromancy spell. Blocked school: Enchantment
Enchantment Focus: +1 spell slot per level that can only hold an enchantment spell. Blocked school: Necromancy
Transmutation Focus: +1 spell slot per level that can only hold an enchantment spell. Blocked school: Conjuration
Conjuration Focus: +1 spell slot per level that can only hold a conjuration spell. Blocked School: Transmutation

And no focus for Abjuration, Illusion, or Divination because there aren't spells in those schools at every level. I'd like to see more spells, sure, but that may not be realistic. Divination in particular is so under-used when we could have spells like:

Foresight (level 6)
+25% dodge (ignores cap)

Greater Foresight (level 9)
+30% dodge (ignores cap), evasion if wearing light or no armor

There are a lot of buffs/debuffs that could work under the Divination school. It'd be great also to have more illusion spells. You could have illusionary summons that are invulnerable but only do damage on a failed will save, for instance. You could also have illusionary damage spells that do less damage than regular spells but save vs. will. An illusionary mob that does nothing but pull threat for a short time would be awesome. Summon spells could be made a lot cooler (and easier on the bugs) by making them create a stationary object that shoots ranged attacks. (Or it's glued to the caster, like the Shoulder Archon.) It'd be more useful than most of the existing summons, that's for sure. But those sorts of things are probably pretty pie-in-the-sky at the moment.