View Full Version : Returning player and newbie starting fresh on Argo, looking for non-zerg guilds

10-13-2015, 08:59 PM
Hi guys, I'm a returning player who used to play on Thelanis around four years ago. Now that everyone I knew is gone, I'm bringing a completely new friend and hunting for a group of people to play with. I'd really like to get in with folks who play the game at a slower pace, since my friend is just starting out and there's a lot I haven't seen, the zerg playstyle isn't for us right now.
Size isn't a major factor as long as there are some people in our (early) level range who are into running around and adventuring rather than playing the game as a grind.
We're PST, so would probably be playing in our evening.

Thanks for reading, and happy dungeon delving!

10-16-2015, 03:48 PM
Feel free to hit up anyone from Royal Bloodline.
We're a relatively small, easygoing group with a relaxed playstyle. Evenings are our best time as well.

10-16-2015, 03:51 PM
welcome back!

check the green link in my signature to help you catch up fast!

Have fun storming the er... castles!

10-16-2015, 03:57 PM
Thieves Guild is mostly euro evenings, but certainly is recruiting and although we have a few EE zerging capable vets, generally that's not our thing and we love taking newbies around. So hit up any officer you happen to see online.