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09-21-2015, 12:46 PM
Unless I've missed them there is no Warlock Trainer in House P, J or K.

The Warlock Trainer in House D is the exact same as by the Wayward Lobster in the Harbour {Couldn't you come up with a new name and change her hair colour Devs?}.

Now I don't feel we need Warlock Trainers everywhere - House K for instance doesn't have ANY Arcane Trainers so having no Warlock Trainer makes sense here. House J also.

What annoys me the most is that with TWO Wizard Trainers, TWO Sorc Trainers and a Bard Trainer in House P {Why the doubling up?} that House has not been given a Warlock Trainer!

Warlock Trainers currently:
Korthos: Tarthan the Obdurate - Human
Leaky Dinghy: Dagan Heartsbane - Human
Wayward Lobster: Birel the Black - Human {Copied from House D because people complained about there being no Warlock Trainer in the Harbour BECAUSE the Devs placed the Harbour Warlock Trainer over by the Dinghy in the old harbour trainer spot.}.
The Marketplace: Pledgekeeper - Warforged
House Deneith: Birel the Black - Human {In her proper spot}
Eveningstar: Lynia Greensward - Elf

That's another thing - Lore wise is it good to have FOUR Human Trainers out of six?

Can we get a new Warlock Trainer placed in the spot Birel's clone is occupying in the Harbour - Make it a Half Elf.
Can we get the Dwarf Wizard Trainer in House P moved to House K and an Elf Warlock Trainer put in her place in House P.
Can we get a Halfling Warlock Trainer placed next to the Druid Trainer in House J.

Can we get one of the two Sorc Trainers in House P moved to House K
Can we get one of the two Paladin Trainers {Mara Cullych} in House J moved to House C
Can we get one of the two Cleric Trainers {Garoudry Wynn} in House J moved to House P {Move Tamberri from her current spot by Redwillows Ruins to Garoudry's spot outside the tavern}.

Can we get the Fighter and Cleric Trainers in Threnal moved to House C. {with the Wiz/Sorc/Arti and Rogue Trainers already there}.
Can we get the Sorc and Rogue Trainers in Threnal moved to House J {Place them with the Druid and new Warlock Trainer}

Aaargh - Just realised there's TWO Rogue Trainers in House K!
Move Anxel Billuck from his current spot by the tavern in K to House P.