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08-20-2015, 07:48 AM
Can we have an event raid?

This is a raid that is played in 2 parts.

The first part is a quest with 4 different sub quests that need to be run independently in a 6 man group but is run in tandem with the other 4 quests. Each of these 4 quests have a similar theme but are in different areas and have different goals.

Each of these sub quests has its own xp award and loot.

Upon competition of each quest it places that party in a holding state. Think the death state in the shroud.
This state continues as long as we wait for the other quests to complete.

When a sub quest is complete, each party member nominates 3 party members to proceed to the next stage
They can't choose themselves so overall this should be the most competent and important MVPs from that parry because it's these guys that need to do well in the next stage for everyone to be rewarded.

The sub quests are typically timed so they fail if not done by a certain time.

Failing to do a quest to competition has a specific penalty of not being able to nominate party members to the 2nd part.

In the second part, players not included will be stuck in their holding status but will be able to run around and watch the environment of the 2nd part. This is like a ghost state but you can only see your observer character not other observer characters and the live players cant see any observers to avoid distraction

The 2nd part should really be no more than a quick fight.
It should be tough and the penalty for nominating a poor player to the fight or having fails on the sub quest and missing members running short man. This should be hard hit achievable

The reward for this fight is loot and XP for all but more for the live party.

The mechanics for LFM wold involve a desire to pick a certain subquest to enlist for or random for any.
The event runs when all teams are full
XP reward could be given to those that random to both encourage quick grouping but also prevent specialists who only learn and run one of the sub quests that works for their build and expertise.

I believe this will encourage more teaming
it rewards better players who excel but doesn't penalise those that aren't as their contribution is rewarded for the sub quest
It's interesting and different
it would be something that takes time to master since not everyone is going to instantly know all 4 sub quests

This mechanic can also be tuned up or down to different sub quest numbers and just effects how many nominations go in for the fjnal fight (2 quests mean everyone goes in.. ie this could work for ADQ1 and 12 subquests would nominate 1 each.)

The example I thought of was
- 4 subquests in 4 different Houses
- final end fight in harbor
- story that involves fighting an invasion from bad guys and battling in or solving problems in houses.
- the end fight would be a big boss and not last long but be a bit more creative than tank smash

The core concept of this idea is to take the current group dynamic and mix it up to create a reason to have 12 people working together rather than a raid that 2 people can run and 10 people pike

I'd like for the moment to ignore the capability of the game to do this or not because if it's a bad idea, the development time is a moot point but if it's good then there you go

What do you think?

08-20-2015, 08:56 AM
The concept sounds interesting but I doubt the format will work with nominating and waiting for other teams to complete. We (players) have had issues with Mabar's dragon fight which is raid like in nature. But points for originality. I have always though that the house/game lore should have had another quest associated with it (beyond Hall of the Mark).

08-20-2015, 09:23 AM
This might - MIGHT - be a decent idea in some kind of pnp tournament setting. But that's the only place it would be a decent idea.

08-20-2015, 09:59 AM
So a 6 man raid that requires everyone to dualbox a preraid...

08-20-2015, 10:21 AM
So a 6 man raid that requires everyone to dualbox a preraid...

Yeah, it sounds godawful. It's annoying enough trying to get a 12 man group together to do Demon Queen since the mandatory pre-quest is only 6-man.

If this was the type of game that had 12 million subscribers that were on at all hours, maybe, but the truth is that the game doesn't have enough population to support that kind of thing. The TRing mechanic tends to make sure that the population is spread quite wide across all levels. So there's never a big clump of people waiting around to do stuff that requires a lot of people. And when there is (such as with Mabar), the lag is incredible.

08-20-2015, 10:25 AM
If this was the type of game that had 12 million subscribers that were on at all hours, maybe, but the truth is that the game doesn't have enough population to support that kind of thing.
This. I could only imagine large, well-organized guilds pulling off a complex raid like this with any regularity. Maybe if DDO did a better job of supporting drop-in-drop-out mechanics so people could come and go as they please for these sorts of large instanced events...but that's not the game we have and I can't imagine them investing those sorts of resources.

08-20-2015, 12:40 PM
I do understand the LFM concerns

Was thinking more of when events are running like cove.

You need people committed and willing to be running g that and not anything else

Ultimately my biggest concern with grouping is that it isn't creative enough

Perhaps something that involved the 12 man group splitting and rejoining during the raid. How interesting would that be?