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08-09-2015, 03:29 PM
Pre-amble: way back when, one of the things I loved and raved about DDO was the combat and how it facilitated a variety of playstyles, and that tumble was actually useful in combat and can be used to avoid attacks. Yes, I have characters that are tanks with high numbers that by simple virtue of the numbers can stand there and absorb attacks without worry, but what I find even more fun is the nimble character who actually actively avoids the attacks altogether by not being there. DDO let me play that way, to a limited extent. As the years progressed, I've found this style to become more and more difficult. I can still tumble/dodge many enemies, especially in older content, but I've been finding that sometimes what I see on the screen (a swing and a miss) still translates to a hit. I also notice in the community that I appear to be one of the only people who still try to use this playstyle.

Also recently, I've started playing Dark Souls. It's also possible (albeit more difficult imo) to tank enemies/bosses there, but the dodge mechanic there is absolutely great! It is everything I had always tried to emulate with my DDO play. Sure, you can still get knocked out of the air by certain attacks if your timing is even slightly off, but there, being able to survive an attack is vital, and actively dodging (instead of a passive stat that let's you "dodge" without moving) is not only viable, but the recommended way in most situations. Even with lag (yes, other games have lag too, and Dark Souls is no exception. While there is some environmental lag, it is most noticeable in PvP when someone appears to be beside you executes a backstab and you realize that there is a slight lag between you and the other player) the dodging mechanic works well. As I dig into the Dark Souls dodge, I discovered that in order to offset some of the lag issues, dodging actually gives you a few frames of invulnerability. That way, if your timing is slightly off due to lag, it will not kill you (bad timing will still kill you, but this gives a small mercy if you're close or would have otherwise done right if not for lag or the like).

As much as I'd love for DDO - with all it's quests and character customization and abilities - to have a dynamic combat system comparable to this, I realize that would require massive recoding of the core game that is simply not feasible. However, an epic level feat could help revitalize this playstyle (actively dodging attacks via tumbling) with minimal (in comparison) new code. A few frames of invulnerability is a bit too far for DDO imo, but we do have the PRR stat already in game, so I was thinking something using that.

I also believe that investment should result in reward. I also also believe that skills should play an even greater role in the game. If someone invests skill points in a skill, they should be rewarded for that investment in a way that reflects that skills usage. Jump = higher jumps. Talking skills for some dialogue options and optional bonuses. Tumble gives longer tumbles and animations. etc. But I feel like tumble is grossly under utilized and could do even more. The Mobility feat is an attempt to facilitate this playstyle, but the AC bonus it gives is severely lacking in today's version of DDO.

So my random idea, or dream feat, if you will, might be something like this:


Nimbly-Bimbly (a better name required - obviously - but epic tumble suggests focusing on the skill only, while dodge is already a passive stat, so epic dodge doesn't really work either)
Pre-reqs: Spring Attack, Level 21 (or 24, or 27, or even 30. Spring attack itself requires Dex 13, Dodge, and Mobility... perhaps add in combat expertise or tumble 20 ranks?)
Fluff: After countless hours of honing your skill, you have mastered to art of avoidance. You can tumble and dodge enemy attacks with unparallelled ease, and your fluid movements work to mitigate and deflect attacks that would grievously wound lesser warriors.
Benefits: While tumbling, you gain stacking PRR equal to your tumble score (or some other similar value, but preferably based on tumble, as that IS what you are doing). (much like Mobility's AC bonus while tumbling... another alternative could be an increase to your dodge stat for outright mitigation based on some formula related to ones tumble skill only while tumbling)


High investment in the tumble skill makes it more powerful, obviously. Such a feat will also (I would think) increase the number of people actively tumbling in combat. This is, imo, a good thing. Being able to have multiple different playstyles in the same group at the same time without one dominating and all contributing is a good thing. Will everyone suddenly start tumbling? No. I would never take this feat on a park-and-bark tank. Too feat intensive with the prereqs and the investment in tumble to make it useful is not feasible... but for lighter armored characters, this might be much sought after. This will also increase the value of tumble items, which is also imo a good thing. For many, it will not be worth giving up an item slot for a tumble item, but for others, they will have to make a choice of what to give up to get one. This give and take, hard choice, that is not worth it for everyone but is for some, is a good thing imo.

Another drawback is that you are not doing any DPS while you are tumbling. This is a survival only feat that promotes a different (imo, more active) playstyle.

Perhaps I'm on crack and going slightly insane due to my recent dive into the Dark Souls games... but the dodging/combat in Dark Souls is what I always wanted and tried to achieve with DDO.

(and no, I'm not quitting DDO for Dark Souls. I am happy to play both. DDO is still my main game)

08-09-2015, 05:10 PM
Thief acrobats tumble a lot