View Full Version : Suggestions for FvS past life leveling

08-08-2015, 02:59 PM
Looking for something interesting to do with an old caster.
This character has spent more time collecting dust since U14 than it has been played.
The current state of FvS leaves me rather uninspired, but I would like two FvS past lives for the option to turn this character back into a DC caster (maybe) in the future.
I'd be interested in getting some iconic past lives at the same time.

Tomes: +5s all around
Past lives: Wiz, Bard, FvS, Cleric
Destinies: All available
Gear: Weak. Have access to max Cannith crafting or use whatever from turn-ins, challenges, or collections/ingredients. Will not have much other lvl 20+ named until epic orchard stuff. Have some random 3BC items and enough mats for TF tier 2s or GH dragonscale stuff. I have time to go grind a few specific non-raid items if needed.
I have access to all race/classes.

Don't want to do THF Melee (have done several lives like that recently and I'm bored with that style).
Don't want to use +Heart for class swap-out if using iconic since this is not permanent build for this character.
Will most likely not spend time at level cap, raid, or try to solo EE, but may run EE with people I know while leveling and would like to contribute in group.
Need good DPS (spell/melee or combination of both) for quick runs though other epic content.

Currently considering Rog-Bard-FvS or other X-Bard-FvS and doing something swashbuckler-y.
Also haven't done any ranged in a while but not sure how that could work well with FvS.

Suggestions appreciated.