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08-07-2015, 03:19 PM
its an 8 part adventure pack with 2 raids in addition.

The first four adventures and raid are base 17th level
The last four adventures and raid are 28.

The first three quests of the first and second chain are interconnected. This means you must do them in order from inside each previous quest (ala Shan-to-Kor)

Quest Listing and Summary

Level 17 Quests and Raid

Inside the Machine: The party has found itself inside the Machina Mundi. While escaping seems easy enough, perhaps investigating this strange place will prove more useful--
the Jester: Once inside the machine city, the party finds itself challenged by a warforged called 'the Jester.' In order to enter the Court and speak with the King about the plight of the citizenry, they must solve puzzles, answer riddles, and ultimately, face the Jester herself.
Knights of the Machine: Equipped with new Clockwork Armor and Weapons, the party must enter the lair of the Spring Driven Dragon, slay it, and bring its heart back to the King. In exchange, he will agree to be more lenient with his subjects.

(Pre-Raid) In Pursuit of the Clockwork King: The party pursues the Clockwork King to the Heart of Machina Mundi and is forced to face off with a familiar foe.

(Raid) Fall of the Clockwork King: Infused with the power of the Heart, The Clockwork King stands triumphant. But your old foe has an offer that the heroes must consider before facing off in the final battle.

Level 28 Quests and Raid

Return to the Machine: Your party is back inside the Machina Mundi after a request for assistance is relayed to you through your contact. Chaos reigns, and you must discover the source of it.
the Jester's Demise: the Jester has gone rogue! You must once again navigate the tricks and traps of the Jester, in order to face her in a final battle.
Return of the Knights: The party must re-enter the old lair of the Spring Driven Dragon and retrieve its head, but things inside the lair have gone 'Haywire'

(Pre-Raid) Tomb of the Clockwork King: With the Head in hand, the party must enter the Tomb of the Clockwork King and retrieve the Heart, so that the world can be set back in motion.

(Raid) Revenge of the Clockwork King: The raid must keep the reanimated Spring Driven Dragon alive, while facing off against an invulnerable Clockwork King. Solve the puzzles, slay the guardians, and divert the power feeding the greatest threat Machina Mundi has ever faced. Save the day!

08-12-2015, 11:45 AM
Interesting idea for a quest line.


I would like to see more of the existing stories further extended into end game (level 30) content, as they are doing with the Vale of Twilight next update. An end game quest chain for one of the Eberron houses such as House Lyrandar or Orien could build on the brief mentions these houses have received elsewhere in DDO.